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Author Topic: Official Nomads Invasions Era 6 Statistics  (Read 4828 times)
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« on: October 27, 2010, 10:06:05 AM »

Another great Era of Nomads Invasions has come to an end.
An Era in which a lot more players have managed to withstand against the nomad hordes.
And for that they deserve respect. Moreover, some of those players did not hide outside Top 50 and faced the barbarian armies who were boosted by coefficients.
Good news is yet again the solid female presence in Top 50, as well as their yet another excellent rankings, and the prestigious individual rewards they have earned.
Respect goes to all participants, the tournament, though not too shiny, hyped and advertised this time, in contrast to the former ones, turned out to be a cruel contest of mighty, elite and intelligent players, who once again proved to be the ones forming the IO’ “Major League”.
Here are the numbers.

Total participants in Era 6: 1363


Successful pillages: 22,948
Imperial victories: 3650
Civilians killed or taken into slavery: 141,778,400
That makes 104,019 civilians killed or taken into slavery per participant.

Bloodiest pillage:

31st wave, led by Corwin
2250 successful pillages
166 imperial victories
Civilians killed or taken into slavery: 17,822,957

Fortress sieges

Successful sieges: 21,949
Imperial victories: 6331

Bloodiest Fortress Siege:

33rd wave, led by Xaoc
2009 Fortresses taken
96 imperial victories

Total damage inflicted to imperials in gold:

2,298.671,113 – Fortress Sieges
734,519263 – Pillages
Total: 2,932,385,664

Total damage inflicted to nomad armies by imperials:

1,991,042,304 – Fortress Sieges
941,343,360 – Pillages
Total: 2,932,385,664

Winner and Champion of Nomads Invasions Era 6:

Marshal J.u.s.t.u.S - $250

Second place:
Marshal yo1001 - $165

Third place:
Marshal Marmot - $75

Top 50 networth rankings in Nomads Invasions, Era 6, as well as the complete official Era rankings, can be seen at this address:

Members of the elite Top 50 company will receive 200 Imperial Credits.
All other participants in Era 6 will receive 25 Imperial Credits.
Credits will be given in a form of E-Pin code which will be sent to the players’ account registration mails.

Top 50 ranking by military points:

Name    Military points

Boil       112294
yo1001  103277
prizrak    102595
Fight    102107
Boreto    99967
bateiv4o 98659
arutha      91950 90209
Pontian  89937
OnLy      88695
enravota  88469
_FeniX_  88392
moby_dick  86890
vladini    86510
rumi    86094
zahir    85449
Marmot  83885
Fer2008  83626
Rayh    81026
kolod    79234
chingiz    77833
tarankoly  76984
menumorut  76972
Xepa    76358
bobosam  76019
chevalier  73569
morgana  72882
Aicul    69446
Krokodil  67915
ratanasov1  66084
Gen-Hi    62390
velvet    61516
tjankurito  60545
nomadka  60205
DinkoV    59605
lansi    59380
spayro    58997
uzunov  58009
obkthelord  56320
Zerg    55320
Phant0m  54276
goshotv  53803
pobeditel  53409
angyangy  53119
Rezacha  52353
risaras    51656
dino    50452
cukero    50248
erato    49479
danielos  49475


Individual rewards in Nomads Invasions, Era 6

Undefeated warriors

Marshal rumi
Marshal chingiz
Marshal tarankoly
Marshal enravota
Marshal erato
Marshal uzunov
Marshal Hepa

The Ultimate Warrior

Marshal Boil
Military points: 112294

Bloodiest warrior

Marshal chevalier
Medals: 3

Individual rewards winners will receive a placate and 200 Imperial Credits in a form of an E-Pin code which they will receive on their account registration mails.
Please, all the winners of monetary and individual rewards to contact with IO team at to discuss the details.

Strength and Honor, noble warriors!

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