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Author Topic: Sunshine morning  (Read 3820 times)
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« on: July 04, 2008, 20:48:17 PM »

After blood night comes sunshine morning. And it's true. Just to inform other people in realm 25 alliance SRBENDE won against MoldovaVin again (3rd time) war. After 2 wars they changed name from Moldova to MoldovaVin. Just that other know we had NAP with them and they insist for it (it's stupid to attack each others, economy is better, etc.) Even we had NAP they broke it several times and explain that those are new members didn't know and other lies. After that they declared war against us. We won again and yeseterday was funny to see their members. Last 4 members by ranking of 7 ran to vacation, they scared fight.
At the end result: SRBENDE:MoldovaVin

831 difference  hooray hooray hooray
We don't trust them even more, from now we could trust just honorable men.
Ko vas Mrci?:) haha

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« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2008, 00:05:56 AM »

I waited to write this message...Maybe it will look like one message that you read ... but ... *bravo*
SRBENDEWon the WAR!!!I want to say that some alliences made mistake by throwing us away!Now they will see who is winner! evil3 evil4

Like Faraon said that war started after they broken our NAP without any document...THey attacked us,our leader and took 25milions...They said that their player didn't know for our NAP...Pfffffffffff,come on!!!
But we stayed calm,and asked them what's wrong?And they lied.....Then started their mass attacks on us without any announcement!!!After 7 days of our war,you could have seen that their players were on vacation!They couldnt stand in front of our army...and see how their poor villages were burning!We said:let's bad players go to hell!!!! evil4 evil4 evil4 evil4 evil4 evil4 evil4

U boj krenite junaci svi!Krente i ne zalte zivot svoj!

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SpAmMz TeAm K&K

« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2008, 18:03:57 PM »

AHAHAHahaha  *hahaha* , Moldova , declaring a war to x3 weaker enemy and losing a war  *hahaha*

Srbende heave shown true fighting spirit *Angry* ,  and kicked asses from Moldova Noobs  *hahaha*

Lool , i cant watch   head_hurts_kr , first ukko declaring war , then crying to our players to we stop attack on them  *hahaha* and losing war , and now moldova  * NO COMMENT*  head_hurts_kr

Congrats To Srbende  *hahaha* and thanks to Zealots for supporting both alliances during war

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