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Author Topic: Alliance Wars  (Read 35140 times)
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« on: July 19, 2007, 14:54:43 PM »


1.   The War has a fixed length 168 hours.
2.   After the 168 hours, a winner is determined based on the total damage that was done during the war. (the explanation is further down the text)
3.   The war becomes active 8 hours after the declaration of war.
4.   For a war to be declared, the combined points of all members must not exceed 5 times the combined points of the enemy alliance. (example: If an alliance has a sum of 100 000 member points, then the legal range of alliances that it can go to war with is those with sum of member points of 20 000 to 500 000)
5.   Inactive alliances cannot declare or be declared wars.
6.   The sum of the points of all members must be at least 5 000 in order for the alliance to be involved in a war. (regardless, whether a aggressor or defender)
7.   The leader must have at least 500 points to declare war.
8.   The alliance must have be at least 168 hours old to be involved in a war.
9.   An alliance can declare 1 war every 24 hours. (wars can be declared upon them without a limit)


War goals:

 1.      To elevate yours alliance in the Alliance ladder.

2.      To bring down another alliance down in the Alliance ladder.

3.      To win resource equal to 50% of the annihilated enemy armies during the war. The losing Alliance does not take anything at the end. (the resource is given after the war is over)

a.       The resource is given as it is in wood and iron, and it is given to the players who fought the battles. (whatever battles you fought in a war, the resource from them is given to at the end)


Determining the winner of the war

Once a war starts, both alliances start collecting points by attacking each other. The attacks of all members are summed up to make the alliance score. At the end of the 168 hours whichever alliance has collected more points will be the winner.

Points can be earned in three ways:

1.      Destroying Fortresses

2.      Winning Field battles

3.      Pillaging provinces.

Every action brings different points:

1.      For destroying a fortress.

Fortress 1    0.5 point

Fortress 2    1 points

Fortress 3    2 points

Fortress 4    4 points

Fortress 5    8 points

Fortress 6  16 points

Fortress 7  32 points


2.      Field battle

All army units killed in battle bring points. Army that is worth 5000 gold is equal to 1 point.

The rule is true for Fortress sieges as well. The killed units bring points to both sides - the losing side also earns points for the units killed during a battle.

3.      Pillaging provinces.

Every 1000 villagers killed bring 1 point


How are the Alliance points determined after the war is over?


  Range      Attacker                    Defender   
        Victory      Defeat      Victory       Defeat
   х5     2             -4            4            -2
   х4     4             -6            6            -4
   х3     6             -8            8            -6
   х2     8             -10          10           -8
   x1    10            -12           12          -10


In short: The way to get the most points from an alliance war is to fight against an equal alliance. The more out of your range you fight the less points you get and the greater the difference on the risk/return ratio (when fighting an equal alliance you may win 10 points or lose 12, so the difference is 20%, when fighting a x5 range alliance you may get only 2 points or lose 4, the difference is 100%)
How are the Alliance points determined after the war is over(VERSION 4)?

The final result is based on the military points both alliances score during the war. After the end the alliance winner gets 100% of the military points it scored and the losing alliance gets 25% of its score. For example:

Alliance A wins a war against alliance B scoring 2000:1000 military points. Alliance A gets 2000 points for the ranking while alliance B gets 250 points.


Do not leave your army in the fortresses if you are in war. Or at least do not garrison your weak fortresses, because you will offer an easy target for your enemies.

Do not wage wars against too weak alliances you can win very few points, while risking a lot.

Destroy the enemy fortresses, empty or not, points are earned. Besides the repair is rather expensive.

If you can  destroy the enemy field army, it will untie your hands to start knocking his fortresses down afterwards. Keep your army safe for these very reasons use the command Retreat, unless you are certain that nobody can overcome your army.
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