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Author Topic: Alliance model Version 4  (Read 45827 times)
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« on: March 26, 2008, 20:52:27 PM »

Forming an alliance

Every player can form an alliance automatically becoming its first leader.Every new alliance can accept up to 5 members.In order to accept more members the alliance must be upgraded to next level.
Every member that has left or has been kicked out of his alliance can come back not more than 1 time.
All members are divided into 3 groups - Leaders,High Command,Ordinary members.
Every alliance has its Alliance Vault which serves for buying alliance technologies and declaring wars. All alliance technologies cost gold only. All members can deposit gold in the Alliance Vault via special menu. Once deposited the gold can't be withdrawn back by the player, it remains for the alliance.
Alliance technologies affect all alliance members.
Members of the same alliance can't attack each other.
All members can see how much gold did the other members deposited in the Alliance Vault.

Alliance Positions



The leader receives 10 points morale bonus.
The leader can see the economical and army reports of the members.
The leader can see all army movements inside the alliance.
The leader can order alliance technologies using the Alliance Vault.
The leader can assign and dismiss members from the High Command.
The leader can accept and kick new alliance members.
The leader can sign NAPs and unions with other alliances.
The leader can declare war to other alliances.
Gold equal to 10% of the alliance leader total income are deposited in the Alliance Vault. The leader DOES NOT lose that income, it's just generated in the Alliance Vault.

First officer(deputy leader)

The first officer has all rights the leader has except kicking the leader out of the alliance. His income is not generated in Alliance treasury.
The first officer is appointed by the leader but he can as well decide not to appoint one.

High Command

These are the members assigned to key positions inside the alliance.The possible positions a leader can give to a member are:

For every 5 members in the alliance you can have 1 General,the rest of the positions are only 1 per alliance.Every assignment is for at least 168 hours, so in order to change someone in the High Command the  leader must wait 168 hours.


The General receives 10 morale points bonus.
The General can see all available fleets and attacks inside his group.
All Generals can send mass messages to the whole alliance and his division.


The Treasurer can use the market at only half of the normal commission.
The Treasurer can see the economical reports of the members.
The Treasurer can set quotas for each alliance member to deposit in the Alliance Treasury.
Gold equal to 10% of the Treasurer's total income are deposited in the Alliance Vault. The Treasurer DOES NOT lose that income, it's just generated in the Alliance Vault.


The Researcher builds his technologies 50% faster.
The Researcher's university level affects the alliance technologies' price. Therefore a player with high university level is best suited for this position.


The Diplomat receives 4 points of reputation per day.
The Diplomat can accept new member in the alliance.
The Diplomat is the one in charge of alliance diplomacy.


These are the ordinary members of an alliance.The leader can form divisions of up to 5 members and assign an individual General to them.The leader can also make changes inside the divisions transferring members from one to other.Members can send mass messages only inside their divisions.

Electing a leader

Every player can nominate himself up to 4 times for leader. While the vote is still active he can not be kicked out of the alliance. Voting goes for 24 hours, all members have the right to vote using their networth points.

Alliance agreements

All alliances can sign up the following agreements:


Non-Aggression Pact - an official agreement between 2 alliances that guarantees that no attacks will occur between them for a period of 168 hours. However attacks are allowed and if one does occur the NAP will be considered broken and the responsible alliance will receive a "broken NAPs" note in its statistics. In order to sign a NAP both alliances can agree on depositing bails, which are returned after 168 hours. If one of the alliances breaks the NAP it loses its bail (it doesn't go to the other alliance,it simply disappears).


Every alliance has the right to form a Federation (union) with up to 5 other alliances. If alliance A and alliance B have formed a Federation and alliance C declares war to B then A has the right to declare war to C at only 1/4 of the cost to declare war. On the other hand if 2 alliances inside a Federaion start a war othe Federation members may choose a side or stay neutral.


Wars can be waged between 2 alliances or Federations consisting of many alliances. The aggressor must pay a tax in order to declare a war, it is based on the networth of the alliance. The bigger the alliance, the greater the cost.

The cost depends on the networth of the 2 alliances - for every 0.1 above x2 range the cost increases by 1 gold per net point. For example - declaring a war in x2 range will cost 10 gold per aggressor's net point, 20 gold per net point in x3 range, 30 gold per net point in x4 range and 40 gold per net point in x5 range.

Wars have fixed duration of 168 hours during which alliances fight under altered gameplay rules:
-no reputation is lost for sending raids and attacks in x5
-raids can be made every 84 hours (that applies for players in war only!)
-attack preparation is 10 minutes
-Border posts rise with 1 level (that applies for players in war and during the war only!)

Alliance technologies

Every alliance has an Alliance Treasury, where funds are accumulated either automatically (by its Leader and Treasurer) or voluntarily (by deposits made by the rest of the members). Only gold can be deposited in the Alliance Vault. These funds can be used for ordering alliance technologies, declaring wars and signing NAPs. Alliance technologies cost gold only and give respective bonuses to all alliance members. The technologies are:

Name                                               Price                                   Price increase             Bonus per level
Attack                                              500,000                                 х4 a level                        5% per lvl
Defense                                            500,000                                 х4 a level                        5% per lvl
Military medicine                                 200,000                                 х4 a level                    +1 lvl to current player's lvl
Fortification                                     5,000,000                                 х4 a level                     +1 lvl to current player's lvl
Income                                             100,000                                 х4 a level                        2% per lvl
Medicine                                           500,000                                 х4 a level                     +1 lvl to current player's lvl
Espionage                                          200,000                                х4 a level                     +1 lvl to current player's lvl
Border outposts                                  200,000                                х4 a level                     +1 lvl to current player's lvl
Cartography                                      200,000                                х4 a level                     +1 lvl to current player's lvl
Alliance administration                         200,000                                x3 a level                     +5 more members per level   

Each alliance can have only 5 members in the beginning. The alliance administration technology is for allowing more members to join your alliance.

Alliance ranking

There are 2 rankings:
-based on alliance networth points
-based on military points won during wars


A player can use the option to capitulate to defend against another player.
You cannot attack each other while the capitulation is on. (unless you are in alliance war)
If you capitulate from a player, you will lose 10% of your military points.
The capitulation lasts for 168 hours, after that it can be reactivated.
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