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Author Topic: Single Players  (Read 13235 times)
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« Reply #30 on: February 13, 2008, 08:55:00 AM »

Maxentius the self-styled warrior.....what a joke. you are where you are because of your pride. you wont get anywhere by just being arrogant at everyone and then shouting foul coz no none likes your attitude....and your serious lack of diplomatic skills.  *xxx* *xxx* *xxx*

and btw, mihai, the difference between people who fight from the beginning and people who fight after getting to a certain point in their eco isnt exactly "warrior vs farmer"....its more like "warrior vs smart warrior". people being ambitious about fights and wanting to get the real fights - the big ones - doesn't automatically make them a farmer *Grin*
unless it's like fight in the last month a la Starblade *wink*

well, i started to fight almost from the beginning in r4 last era, and still ended with a 200 + elite army *Grin*

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just me a simple player!!!

« Reply #31 on: February 13, 2008, 16:58:04 PM »

Maxentius *Grin* u are so NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB         grow up man...general12 u are great player....power98 also great player..from begging of this era peoples try help mr maxentius and show him the best way in this game but No he is stuburn like a goat or donkey ....nihahaha.... *Lips Sealed*
OMG noooooooob when u will wake up ? i could crush u when u had money for fort8 but i left you alone to build it ..u will use it for 2 weeks maximum fort damm noob i did not seen from very long time....wake up next era because this era u were in sleep all time....
Cheers 4 real players  *bear*
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