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Author Topic: READ BEFORE POSTING A BUG!  (Read 4292 times)
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Lord Rogue
« on: September 04, 2007, 12:46:09 PM »

Before you post a bug, please go over the following steps:

1 - General Steps by Giric
2 - Can't Attack?

General steps before posting a bug
Verify if this problem is being experienced by other players. Ask your Alliance Members/Other Players if they have experienced the same problem.

Is the problem something that only occurred once? or can you repeat it/get someone else to repeat it?

Are you
absolutely certain that it is something wrong, and not just something that you don't like/would like changed?

Try logging out, then back in again. Lots of tiny errors are fixed this way (Especially the so-called "Bureaucracy Bug").

SURE you take the time and go over the other posts on the forum BEFORE POSTING! What you are experiencing may have already been reported, or even fixed.

By following these simple guidelines, you will be assisting not only the Admins and Mods, but yourself and other players.

(originally composed by Giric, February 25, 2006)

When you can't attack for some unknown reason

this may answer your question:
If You cannot atack someone and You get blank message from system when You wish to start an atack - than it means that You do not have enough soldiers to follow Yours siege weapons. Every siege weapon require:

Battering ram – 25 soldiers
Catapult – 50 soldiers
Trebuchet – 100 soldiers

For example:

If You wish to send 20 trebs and 10 catapults You need at least 2500 soldiers to follow siege weapons. If You will send less - than You will not be able to atack...

(originally posted by Star Blade, December 27th, 2006)
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