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Author Topic: BEFORE POSTING A QUESTION, READ THIS  (Read 9997 times)
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Lord Rogue
« on: September 04, 2007, 12:56:28 PM »

Before you post a question please observe these following rules

1 - Read the short and the long manuals. Often, you may find the answer to your question right there. Also, take a look in the News forum to see updates in the game that weren't, yet, written down in the manual.

2 - Use the Search option (on top of the forum next to profile, help, search and all that) to search whether someone actually asked the question and got an answer for it.

3 - To report bugs, use the Bugs forum

4 - To suggest new things to the game, use the Suggestions subforum

5 - DO NOT REPORT CHEATERS IN PUBLIC. if you think a person/persons is/are cheating, report them in private messages to either one of the moderators or directly to Support.

6 - If you were banned despite having six
CONSECUTIVE hours off line, check to see if your name doesn't happen to "grace" the latest Hall of Shame entry in your realm.

7 - There are no stupid questions. Only stupid answers. If you can't find an answer in the manual and if you don't seem to find an answer anywhere else, post your question here, even if you feel it's stupid or noobish or whatever. On the other hand, do not disrespect someone who asks a question which seems to you as "stupid or noobish or whatever".

Thank you
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