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Author Topic: Preserved resources seem unbalanced  (Read 1076 times)
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« on: March 26, 2019, 01:20:27 AM »

I'm frustrated about preserved resources and have a few questions. My intention is not to be hostile and i apologize if i offend any of our game and rule makers, but again, i am frustrated. Lets start with the basic mechanics... how does it make sense that If my fortress can protect 8M total resources, 2 M of each resource, and I have 0 of the other resources that I would just leave 6 Million gold out to be stolen? It seems stupid. Who in their right mind would just leave resources out because they aren't a specific resource. No person would. I understand the mechanics of grabbing an equal % of each resource that is over the protection capacity when attacking but even that is altered by the ability to focus on a single resource with items. Defenders however can't use more than 25% of their fortresses capacity to protect a specific resource. I may be wrong but to my understanding this applies to all provinces the same whether they are the capitol or not. Does that mean that all my other fortresses of the same level will only protect a maximum of 6M resources because they will never protect gold?  If yes this seems like an obvious imbalance. On top of that the odds of losing a general are very high. If I even try to defend by leaving a basic garrison to deter some players I am more than likely going to lose my general. Since I can not find the equation, I can only assume because they have 3M troops attacking my 30,000 man garrison it is considered a "BIG" battle, which is ridiculous.  I realize i can also use nobles to increase my protected resources but If i do and i leave any troops I will almost certainly loose the noble and their affects on defending resources in the same battle. If I try to defend I'm going to loose my defending general 75% of the time. That means my options are to pick a general and not have a garrison or to leave troops without a general because either 1 or both will be lost. Everything in this seems very unbalanced and favoring of militaristic players over an economic based player.  How can we address this? It just doesn't seem right and there should be some way to change some aspect of it. I realize feudalism can help protect some additional resources but It seems that is my only option.

My suggestions:
1. Could we remove the division of protected resources?
2. Could you give me the option to choose which resources I protect with a minimum of 2 being picked by clicking an acceptance button? Overall protection amounts could be reduced to compensate for that 25% that doesn't actually seem to get used. This seems reasonable given I am the ruler of my country and should be able to make that sort of decision. 
3. can you present the equation that determine the chance of my general being lost?
4. Can you confirm if all of my non capital provinces only utilize 75% of their maximum capacity since they don't hold gold or do they split the protection 3 ways?
5. Is there a specific reason you keep the division of protected resources that would not support these changes?
6. If you're not willing to do any of that then is there a way to receive an alert when you spies see an enemy attack coming? I get all kinds of notifications from this game but it is really annoying to get an alert that says hey you just got robbed but our scouts didn't think it was important enough to tell you that they saw this massive army coming to rob you...

My realm is going to restart soon and I would like to know if any of these have been or will be considered for revision or if i'm missing something, like the alert, that is already in action.

Thank you for your help and response
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