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Author Topic: Dark Age of Military based Players  (Read 1088 times)
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« on: December 20, 2017, 11:21:10 AM »

1*   Limited Honor on 500, provide max +20 starting Morale, (unlike before where it allow equally strong player to charge army with almost guaranteed victory), it finally make game more interesting   
2*   Lack of Cavalry-Archers or Mounted Archers, that was favorite type of many attackers 
3*   Military Points/Rank- Lack of any type of benefits due to this, maybe unit experience boost will be nice, for example Marshal rank have doubled Phalanx strength, instead max 140, can be max 280   
4*   Capitulation- there isn't any benefit for attackers only to defender 10% less military points, which btw means nothing !  So Generally speaking: in capitulation defender is winner!
       Maybe 25-50% of total production and population growth can be added to attacker during period of capitulation
5*   6 Hours obligatory/mandatory off canceled - Sitters added - Alliance members -wide notification of attack of any player. Basically sitter can be better player then account player, and where is honor in case of the battle of the day?!
6*   Retreat Mode on Military camp, there isn't any penalty for defender in case of lost battle, maybe penalty on honor will be good idea
7*   Retreat mode shouldn't be allowed in case of Siege, only in case of field battle (siege means total surrounding of settlement - where previously  terrain was cleaned by enemies)
8*   Army power penalty outside range of x2. It is understandable morale penalty. For example FC Real Madrid have lower morale to win vs CSKA Sofia, but this mean they have less power/skills ?
9*   On the other hand weaker player outside of range x2 should have exponentially increased morale in both attack and defense 
10* 90% pillage attack on province/colony which have pop less than 100k, result with zero !, even without protection of general skills in defense, why is that so? and how much  pop is protected by the levels  of fort, so after all barbaric
       type of government have penalty on advantage in pillage which shows positive effect x4 on pillage. 0x4=0  (zero multiple with 4 is still zero)   

thx so much for your time and attention guys, cheers (salute)

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