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Author Topic: New Wonders  (Read 2652 times)
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« on: March 02, 2017, 12:13:30 PM »

Dear players, we are happy to announce the addition of 9 new Wonders to the game. They are as follows:

*The Tomb of War reduces the army upkeep by 5%
*The Gate of Victory grants additional 5 morale points in battle
*The Mystic Grounds increases the rewards from the Temple by 10%
*The Golden Watchtower grants 100% efficiency to spies (1 spy will be effective as 2)
*The Ancient Observatory increases the ranges of all logistics by 10%(except for Vassal logistics)
*The Forbidden Palace increases the gold income from Trade routes and Vassals by 50%
*The Gardens of Life increases the population growth by 10%
*The Dragon’s Blockade causes all that attack you to lose 10 morale points in the battle
*The Temple of Doom grants all of your units a 10% attack bonus in the first round of battle they participate in

Furthermore, 2 of the existing Wonders are buffed:
*The Mystical Obelisk grants 10 points happiness instead of 5
*The Fire Summit increases the happiness limit by 10 points instead of 5

And on top of all this, the players who control the highest levels of each Wonder will be able to activate a custom look of their provinces on the global map. Each custom look will be matching the style of the Wonder that the player controls, pointing out his empire as truly unique in the realm!

Don't hesitate and start building the new Wonders right away! We hope you enjoy these great additions! Strength and honor!

(The new Wonders are not yet available through the mobile phone applications of the game)

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