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Author Topic: Warning to other players  (Read 1589 times)
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« on: November 05, 2016, 14:56:22 PM »

Myself and two friends were lured into joining CabareT on v6252.  We left the alliance we were in part way through the era. This was mistake number 1.  The leader of the CabareT gave me details of an alliance babysitting account. Foolishly I gave the account full rights. This was mistake number 2. Just a few days after joining Cabaret one of my friends was accused of being a spy, there was no evidence for this and it was not true. I have played this type of game with him for over 7 years and know he would never ever do anything like that. In the past we left other games because of the cheating and lying that was going on. The three of us were kicked out of CabareT and I logged in to find all of my diamonds spent (300k), all of my chests opened and all of my quests completed. Everything had been converted to goods and I was under attack from two much bigger CabareT players than me. There was nothing I could do as I had no way to get gold. The babysitter was still in my account, but luckily I was able to get rid of him before he managed to call troops back from evasion, or I would have been a sitting duck. Luckily, imperia acknowledged the foul play and refunded me the diamonds and our old alliance took us back. However, the Cabaret leader then manipulated screen shots taken of mail and sent them to our alliance to make it seem like my other friend was spying for CabareT , our alliance believed this and we were kicked out. Imperia support investigated, initially we were worried that our accounts had been hacked by CabareT, and confirmed that it was manipulation of screen shots. Because of this imperia support have made an exception to the rule whereby if you leave an alliance twice you cannot return and said that we can return to our alliance.
So my warning is, be very very careful with who you trust to be babysitters and if asked to join CabareT, DON’T
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