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Author Topic: Boat Docks  (Read 3809 times)
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« on: November 12, 2015, 11:55:14 AM »

There is a river flowing in the main city screen so that leads me to ask the question. Why don't we have boat docks. So here is my suggestion with that.

Building (Economic)

Boat docks Max Level 15- One group of ships available for shipping lanes for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, and 15th. *CAN ONLY BE BUILT IN CAPITAL CITY)

Research (Economic)

Shipping Routes -- Max level 15 - Each level grants the boat docks the ability to set up a route to another players Kingdoms Boat docks
                      Cost of research same as Trade Administration.
                      Prerequisite Trade Administration level 5, Trade level 10.
Ship Technology -- Max level 10 - 1st, 5th, 10th level allows the player to build better ships.
                      Cost of research same as Armor
                      Prerequisite Shipping Routes level 3
Shipping Route Trade Income -- Max level 25 - Each level increases Shipping Route Trade income by 4%. Total of 100% increase at max level.
                      Cost of research is double the price of Bureaucracy
                      Prerequisite Shipping Routes level 7, Bureaucracy level 20
Admiralty -- Max level 5 -- Each level increases the number of ships that can sail at one time in each group by 1 for each level.
                      Cost of research same as Military Doctrine
                      Prerequisite Shipping Routes level 5
Maritime Navigation --Max level 40 -- Level 0 Radius 20 miles.  Each level grants an 8% increase over the previous level and additional 5 Miles to the radius.
                      Cost of research same as Vassal logistics
                      Prerequisite Shipping Routes level 1


One must make a Shipping Trade Agreement(STA) between you(Player A) and the other player(Player B) (max 15) to conduct trade by ship. Then once that agreement is made both players become one stop on the trade rout for the other player. So if Player A has 8 people on their shipping route the route would appear like this.

       Shipping Group 1 Leaves Player A's boat docks and goes to Players B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and finally Player I's Boat docks. Then returns to Player A's Boat
       docks to Drop off Payload. Each trip on the shipping lane takes 1 hour per Player in the shipping route.

 If Player C (no Shipping routes) attacks Player A all incoming ships from Player A's Shipping route is stopped until the attack is over, however if that group of ships still has stops on its route it continues until it reaches the last players boat dock on that route. And Player B's ships, who's trading with Player A, skips Player A on that shipping route for that turn. Barbarian camps can attack and sink any number of a players boats while not at a boat dock. However a player can place a number of military personnel on any of the boats they want, with the max depending on the type of boat that player is using. Plus a low random chance that any number of the boats can sink during the shipping route for various reasons(i.e. ran aground, turbulent waters, ect...)

If an alliance declares war on another alliance both alliances shipping routes(for all Players in that alliance) stop once they return to the boat docks and do not start shipping again until the war is over. Any Player who has an STA with a player that is at war will skip that players boat dock yet will continue on to the next boat dock in their shipping route until the war is over. If Player A from Alliance A has an STA with Player B from Alliance B and Alliance A and Alliance B go to war the STA Between the two Players is canceled and can not be renewed for 30 days after the war has ended.

Factoring the trade income

     The trade income is 1/10 of Player's "Whole Empire’s trade income"(WETI) as seen in the Throne hall screen in favor of who has an STA with them.

     Exmple: Player A has an STA with Players B, C, and D.
                 Player B's WETI is 10,000 gold  STA income would be 1,000 gold
                 Player C's WETI is  5,000 gold   STA income would be   500 gold
                 Player D's WETI is  8,000 gold   STA income would be   800 gold
                                                              Total STA income is  2,300 gold Per Trip for Player A and would take 3 hours to complete

*Note --- the WETI is factored in prior to the Shipping income as it should be set a side from the WETI or we would see an exponential increase in the Shipping income. I.E... Player A to effect the Shipping income of Player B and then effect the Shipping income of Player A. Starting a cycle that would only end with the number of ships you have in each group being able to cap the amount of Shipping income that a Player is receiving.


Light Merchant ---- Carry capacity Gold 2,000/each, 250 Light Soldiers, 150 Heavy Soldiers, no Elite soldiers or siege weapons
                          Prerequisite Ship Technology level 3
                          Standard crew 50*

Heavy Merchant ---- Carry capacity Gold 5,000/each, 500 Light Soldiers, 300 Heavy Soldiers, 150 Elite soldiers, no siege weapons
                            Prerequisite Ship Technology level 5
                            Standard crew 125*

Elite Merchant ---- Carry capacity Gold 10,000/each, 750 Light Soldiers, 450 Heavy Soldiers, 300 Elite soldiers, 5 siege weapons
                          Prerequisite Ship Technology level 10
                          Standard crew 200*

* The standard crew is taken from your population the same as soldiers are when trained.

Max number of boats in each group is 20 unless altered by Admiralty research.

Total possible Shipping income once maxed

     The total possible income for each group that is returning to a Players Empire is 250,000 Gold.(Players and GMs check my math on that just to make sure that I'm right javascript:void(0); )

Personal notes

     I know there are a lot of restrictions in the form of actions towards the Players by the actions of other Players and even Alliances but I figured that it would help out in balancing it out with the game. Any comments are cool, just keep in mind this is an organic concept right now and if the GM's decide to make this happen they have the final say in how it actually works... but they did say to be specific.

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« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2015, 12:45:04 PM »

Hello neoblanks,

Thank you for your suggestions, I'll follow them for a review.

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