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Author Topic: Topic for all those who wants a no diamond realm! ;)  (Read 2799 times)
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« on: July 26, 2015, 21:44:53 PM »

Greetings to all the players!  hard

First of all, e-z IO its not a revolution against you. *Smiley*
I am talking about only one no diamonds realm, means you can continue the business. You have no reason to close this topic.

May be we wanted-want a no diamonds realm in a wrong way... Because we asked for it from the company itself. Even we living in a globalist-capitalist system, and we experience it by their all about diamonds business policy, we still have the power of the mass. They call it democracy. Ok, we know democracy is fake and a fairy tale, but we can use it to have that gaming experience what we would like to play !

If you really want a no diamonds realm we can do it any time !!!  [:-}
We only need to agree on the rules of this no diamonds realm.

Now I call all the big successful alliances to join the movement ! Because big teams can give you a good example to follow and I also welcome smaller teams too and individual players also.

What we need to do Huh?  *heart*

Just start a conversation and agree on that nobody will use diamonds. Thats all folks *Smiley*  *ok*
Choose any realm when its restart, do the regs and agree to do not use diamonds by your given word. May I put an example here : Turkish people for example do their business by given words. There is no contracts, agreements or any papers. They just give words to each other then they follow their given words. This is how real man dealing. ( I am not turkish ) *Smiley* But I respect this way!

In case you acting against your given word to do not use diamonds and you will use diamonds you will face the consequences. Your own alliance will expel you, and all the players will attack you across the realm. and you will be known as a defaulter!

My idea is about to play by your skills and your brain. Did you realized the same shit going on here like in the world ? I want you to change your own world first, then you will have more chance to change things bigger! *wink* Man, do not be a slave!  wassup

Probably you also learned the lesson like me, because I am like you, one of you...things are worth nothing with no efforts and without hard work, but those things you put all-in are real! *wink*

Gamers, add your comments and ideas, because it was just the basic idea!

Have a good game everybody!  *gamer*
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2015, 23:14:08 PM »

Yeah good idea, but did you thought that more than 3 000 persons are playing in 1 realm ?
How we could ask em?  *hahaha*

It's hard to make a deal with the players and it's hard to find some more-empty realm in v6

If we spoke for v5 - much realms are almost empty
only 140 blitz is the most full - between 1k and 2k players

I'm playing in 105 realm and there is absolutely empty 5-6 hightest alliances and the full number of players is 100-150

So I don't know how it's possible to play in v6 witout diamonds  *pardon*
even if you win from the wheel of the luck for example you will spend them  hard
Hope some brain has better opinition than mine

But why not?

Make test and see result
« Last Edit: July 26, 2015, 23:25:34 PM by Prezs » Logged

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« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2015, 00:44:38 AM »

I think it's a great idea, except for reasons Prezs already mentioned. But (since i'm quite new to this game) i have a question: by "no diamonds", do you mean not to buy them, or don't use them at all? if i get a medal and use 10 of them to go into vacation mode for some days, i'll be hated? In this case, that's nothing for me^^
I like the thought of playing without money to figure out who is the better gamer, and yes, some of this is luck like the wheel of luck, but it's also luck to find somebody offline with 100m res in capital, so that's ok for me *wink*

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« Reply #3 on: July 27, 2015, 09:23:00 AM »

So i understood you right, and the anarchist within me loves the idea to make our own rules *wink*
EZ Dolittle

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« Reply #4 on: September 13, 2015, 06:17:52 AM »

I like the idea of a totally free of diamonds game.
I understand the economic structure of a game and would suggest that there be a simple US$10-$25 entrance fee for the game

This will allow for players to have competition without money being a factor.

time will still be a factor as well as those shared accounts that will run 24/7 with multiple babysitters/guardians but it would remove the most grievous of the abuses of the game design.
« Reply #5 on: September 19, 2015, 19:22:17 PM »

I think this game is based on money and bank cards, nothing isn't fair.

In all events only the buyers win games, there is no such thing as 'winning witout diamonds'.
How can I play in this IO CUP 2015 when i know what bulls*t it is?

tolerating, giving bonuses and many other to the buyers ...  

A lot of players loose motivation because at the first day one buyer have 150k points - this means he have +5 days lead and until somebody have enough army to attack him the era will finish and will not be enought....

I'm disappointed from this  and I think to stop wasting my time with this game, which is full with fake messages by administrators as this:
"Great warriors, we give you chance to take 50% more resources if you buy X package".

What great warriors, what bulls**ts?  *freak* *freak*

If he played without diamonds then I could say he is big "pro" but actually he's using money to win in every event.

Nothing new under the Sun but I'm sure many players will dislike this type of "playing" - where is the fair game, where is the normal chance to win against enemy?


I don't think in this building where work administrators and workers know how much their game is terrible with all this commercial game.......

  *hmm* *hmm* *hmm* *hmm* *hmm*
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"Each generation has its own woes and toubles"

« Reply #6 on: September 23, 2015, 06:41:23 AM »

Hi everyone!

I am a new player, but not a newbie in this game genre.

There are seemingly two opposing points: 1)playing for "real", that is, relying entirely on player's strategy and no "easy-gaming", that is, no diamonds; and 2)the business side of the game, that is, IO needs to earn money

it would be totally unacceptable for either party to give in to any of the two propositions. But there could ba a compromise: a medal of honor (literally and figuratively)

IO can design a mechanics where players who never touches diamonds (freebies or bought) throughout the entire era will be given an medal at the end of the era---a medal of honor. Then there could be a tournament wherein only those who have acquired a "MEDAL OF HONOR" can be eligible...

This way, those who are "REAL" gamer will be satisfied and IO can still sell diamonds to those who don;t want a "MEDAL OF HONOR"

Hope this suggestion reaches the developer..

"If you think you know me, it's either you love me or you hate me"

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« Reply #7 on: October 02, 2015, 10:22:20 AM »

Hey no diamond Realm would be a great thing. But let's be fair the company must make some money. So hows about this you pay $10 us to play on the game then only have diamonds for vacation mode. I have played great people on full realms with the same Alliance we won 3. The only way I will play again, is no diamond. Because an alliance with coin players cannot be beat. I had a player in my alliance with 30,000 and more diamonds you can't compete against that. If there ever is a no diamond Realm I wish to be told about it.
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