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Author Topic: Wheel of fortune description  (Read 3689 times)
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« on: June 03, 2015, 14:05:53 PM »

- The Wheel of fortune is a reward generator in the game.

- A wheel with different rewards is available each day. The rewards are randomly generated.

- New rewards are available after 00:00 server time, the Next free spin field keeps track of the remaining time until the new rewards are generated and the new free spin is available. Free spins do not accumulate.

- New rewards can be generated for free a single time.

- 10 diamonds is the cost of generating new rewards again. There is no limit for using this option. However, after you spin the wheel, you can't generate new rewards for this day.

- You can either take the reward or respin the wheel for 10 diamonds. There is no limit for using this option.

- For each spin or respin 1 spin point is received. Maximum 12 spin points can be received in one day, even if the respin option was used more.
- Certain amount of spin points grants casket with reward, you can get the reward in the casket or keep collecting points for a bigger reward. When you reach the next reward, you can take only the bigger one. When you decide to claim the reward, the spin points for it will be taken from your current spin points and the casket will be sent to your Hoard. Than you continue collecting spin points and take caskets rewards by your choice until the end of the era. The number of the claimed caskets is not limited.
                                                            when 12 spin points are reached -casket with resources worth the 1-hour income of the Empire is available
                                                            24 spin points - 2-hour income of the Empire
                                                            36 spin points - 4-hour income of the Empire
                                                            48 spin points - 8-hour income of the Empire
                                                            60 spin points - 12-hour income of the Empire

- Additionally, you can increase the reward by logging in consecutive days. Maximum increase is 10%. When you skip a day to log in, this bonus resets.

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