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Author Topic: about gaming experience...  (Read 1253 times)
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« on: February 10, 2015, 11:09:10 AM »

dear developers..

everybody playing for advance and developing empires. but there is things what not let you play your game...

if its possible please give us x2-x3 more space between neighboring empires.

please put to the map x5-x10 more special resources. if its much more its still depends on each player's advance how many he can take over, manage and keep. for example I started to play at 177, just checked around the map and very few bonuses in every direction up to d250.  evil3 how can players build economy and army like this?  *xxx* without bonuses its more less gaming experience.  *tired* what if we have opportunity at the beginning to choose 5 special resources in d50, another 5 in d100, d150, d200, etc...? depending on each player's gaming style and way to play. or for God's sake give us the chance to move our empires...  *sos* I think it needs more work because of the exclusive zones.. or when we are researching each lvl of trade administration let us choose a special resource and the distance to the empire. and it can appears like we find it by explorers.. or I do not know just looking for a solution *Smiley* you should give us equal chances, do not depend on luck where the game put you on the map  *tired* there is scouting, so there can be exploring for special resources. I am very disappointed on this things, honestly its took my mood *sad* and I'm gonna stop to play, because its so annoying. :@ or we should do 20 regs until we find a good place??? and getting bored to spend hours on the map until we find a good place with enough bonuses around us??? and its not because of diamond players getting the bonuses in front of others, they are not find enough bonuses too. do not spend the time on useless cosmetics on the game, please work for your customers and players, or one after another we gonna leave this game...  *tired* I just lost my willing to play  *xxx*
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« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2015, 19:21:12 PM »

Hello BordaHorda,

Thank you for sharing your suggestions with us, I will forward them to our team and they will be reviewed.

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