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Author Topic: Why does only "anti personnel" not stack with Suppressing Fire  (Read 808 times)
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« on: November 04, 2014, 23:58:24 PM »

Specifically, archers in siege will attack with Suppressing Fire discount, dealing x0.2 damage.
This does, in fact, stack in conjecture with Rain of Arrows and Hand-to-Hand modifier, dealing x0.6 to spears and x0.066 to swordsman. And of course, it deals x0.2 to fellow archers.
However, for some reason, it does NOT stack with Anti-personnel effect. Namely, I've tested:
1 million archers(basic tier) with lv 20 all techs(x2 attack) attacking a garrison of 10000 rams(also other types of siege engine, but those could kill archers so does not provide consistent numbers after first round)
Note that rams does not benefit from technology(tested with 10, 20, 30 all techs with same results to confirm)
Additional swordsman and ram were sent in as attackers to keep the siege going.
All other information are kept empty/neutral to avoid complicated modifiers.

Result: the archers will kill 533 to 534 rams per round.

Archer attack:
base 16
with lv 20 tech: 32
total attack power(raw) 32,000,000
Siege modifier(suppressing fire), 6,400,000

Each ram is 12,000 hp, thus 6,400,000/12,000=6,400/12=1,600/3=~533.33 (3 repeating), in other words, 533 or 534

So this correspond with the simulation, so where it the problem?
The modifier Anti-Personnel is not being applied, which is:
Anti-personnel: Attack x 0.25 vs. Siege Engines
The amount of damage it SHOULD have done is 1,600,000, killing 133.3(3 repeating), in other words 133 or 134.

This doesn't make much sense considering the fact that the other modifiers(again namely Rain of Arrows and Hand-to-Hand) does apply on top of the Suppressing Fire effect. Why is it only Anti-personnel does not?

And yes, I've done the simulations for the infantries, they do most certainly work.

So please, either make Anti-personnel stack OR specifically state in its description that it does not(for whatever reason) stack with Suppressing Fire.
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« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2014, 08:56:25 AM »

I have moved this to Suggestions as it is more a suggestion then it is a need for an answer.

Thank you for a detailed explanation and for your time invested in this.

Valar morghulis !
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