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Author Topic: Vault  (Read 718 times)
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« on: August 02, 2014, 22:19:26 PM »

Given the costs of everything in the game, including buildings, technologies, and units, the Fortress Vault does not protect nearly enough resources. If the information provided is true, at its maximum level it protects only 16000 total resources, which is negligible compared to the costs of nearly anything a player would buy after just a week.

I see several solutions:

1) Remove the Vault entirely so that players do not believe that their resources are actually protected, because 99% of them are not.

2) Increase the capacity of the Vault dramatically so that resources are, in fact, protected.

3) Instead of using an independent number for protected resources, use a number that depends on some other quantity, for example:
a) The player's total net worth, as a percentage
b) The fortress's resource storage capacity, as a percentage
c) The player's counterespionage level (because counter-spies know the city well enough to hide and find things in it)

4) Decrease the costs of buildings, technologies, and units (and, correspondingly, resource production). This will put the rest of the game out of balance in order to fix the Vault.

5) Dramatically decrease the carrying capacity of troops, especially supply wagons. This has little to do with the Vault directly, but it has the same effect as augmenting the Vault's strength.

Solutions (2) and (3)(a) and (b) make the most sense to me. But if the developers feel that all of the other solutions are unbalancing, then at least implement solution (1).

Thank you, developers, for reading this and considering it.
Alternately, moderators, quit laughing at my "naivete".
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« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2014, 23:51:44 PM »

Very well done.
First off, good suggestions and I appreciate the effort you`ve put into this.
It will be forwarded to the appropriate department. Thank you.

Valar morghulis !
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