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Author Topic: Why is farming experience for generals allowed?  (Read 1122 times)
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The impaler

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« on: July 12, 2014, 01:59:56 AM »

How farming works....

You ask a friend from different alliance to put up his best general in defence most likely level 30 emperor as general, because this friends farms experience too. You attack him with 100 cavalry field battle (cavalry is the fastest). Your friend doesn't have any units on the field so you win without anyone loosing a single unit. Your general gained 3000 experience points. Repeat this 5 times and you have level 30 general emperor. This can be done in less than an hour.
Farming works in opposite direction too. if you are much bigger than your friends outside 2x range you ask them to suicide 100 units on your fortress and use their best general. That way your defending general will get experience. Attacker will loose around 50 troops which is nothing really.

I'm seeing 16 year old emperors that are level 30 generals and level 1 governors. On new servers there are generals level 30 day 1.

This mechanic completely negates hard work some players must put into developing their generals. It is anticlimactic and I don't think developers intent was ever to make high level generals so easily. Some buildings like headquarters become completely useless if player is farming experience. In my opinion this farming is very close to cheating.

Developers please remove this experience farming. Gaining levels for generals should be hard and much blood should be spilled in the process. New players that don't know how experience farming works have a big disadvantage when they are battling experience farming player...

Removing this is easy. Generals should not gain any experience when they defeat another general.
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