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Author Topic: Defense in this game works, but...  (Read 1454 times)
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« on: March 23, 2019, 00:47:27 AM »

Okay, I have another image (last one was some several realms ago but didn't save the image), caught someone in the attack. As you can see defense works. It's just that the problem with this game is that it is like playing checkers except the people playing the board game with you are making moves when you are asleep, that is the biggest problem (outsides diamond inequality) and in such a case when you are offline you can only empty out resources and draft guardian/ballista in the fortress before you sleep, but even during events, when you look away for some time someone catches your army while you send ti to dark fortress or something and that make it real hard to recover as a non-diamond spender. if they had some in-game built basic commands as to how to respond in case of enemy attack when you are away from keyboard it would bring the game alot more closer the difference between offense and defense.

The most balanced warring in this game is castle wars due to size limitation in which the biggest difference there is simply which alliance could build army faster and make trades back and forth also due to just how many commanders you have so that at least one can catch the attack.
**This ballista strategy does not work for alliance castles by the way due to how siege weapons are auto-recovered mid battle
As for individual defense you need about x1.5 ballistas of the total amount of enemy siege weapons they have with 10 spear + archer (do not forget this 10spear+archer)for successful defense, but usually I send about x1.6 ballistas due to possible tech difference. Now in this setup, your ballistas always gets 3 shots(in fog as well), and the way the math comes out is that you need at minimum x1.5 ballistas for the total enemy siege (all siege hp except ballista are the same), but if snowy or if enemy sends in ballistas you will need some more so that you can outcancel the effects of enemy ballista reducing the attack strength of your own. This tactic does not require any counter-espionage as you are able to view enemy composition in the last 2.5minutes before attack. What I do is I first rally all my garrisoned ballistas across the province + 10 spear&archer. Then I wait to see the attacking troop composition, total up the number of enemy siege, multiply by x1.6 and move out the extras few thousands at a time, and in between run 1 simulation to check if I can cover enemy ballistas to see if I need to recall any additional ballistas back for defense.
There is also variances obviously like if an enemy doesn't send alot of infantry/calvary I can oturight just kill them by rallying all my troops, which makes such decisions like this much harder to make for an in-game script to run.
And because the game is not so balanced in this sense I play without attacking active players for their loot/army/colony, if someone takes my trade post I usually tell them why I don't play that way, but I don't bother to fight them back over it. There is still alot of income, I run field battles off abandoned provinces late game to trigger barbarian attacks or ask players early game if I could field battle their military posts, and even without attack other player I still rank top in my country and relatively high out of the realm without diamond spending.
Oh also on the ballista defense, you still obviously need enough fortification to ward off enemy swordsmen attack in simulation at around 170-190 morale.

As for some possible changes, to make defense more reliable without script-reliant solutions,they can do several things:
1. Lower HP of siege weaponry.
2. Make battering rams the target focus of ballistas in garrison after the enemy siege is dead (currently the damage spreads between all the troops which makes the whole 'dedicated anti-siege' kind of not-so-dedicated.
3. Set Troop limit for each province/colony at 3 million, same with alliance troops (this change will bring by far the biggest balance to the game in terms of offense and defense).
4. Lower max level field fortifications for provinces and indestructible colonies (max 10?).
5. Put Archers Behind guardian when garrisoned or have the damage division shifted alot more towards guardians if garrisoned.

Etc notes:
I noticed that they changed military medicine for attacking vs defending and that was another much helpful change that brought closer offense vs defense.
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« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2019, 17:11:38 PM »

Hello, ohimsodead. Thank yuu for your suggestions. I will follow them to the designers for a review.

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