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Author Topic: How i can't win this Siege battle & FOR 2 TIIME ??  (Read 2802 times)
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« on: April 17, 2014, 17:09:27 PM »

Hello there & Good day all

Can some one explain to me why i didn't win in this fortress siege .... Here is my army :
Spearman            11596
Heavy spearman    10519
Swordsma            11143
Heavy swordsman  10161
Light cavalryman   2856
Battering ram        11
Catapul                206

Now here is the defender's field army

Spearman         1634
Swordsman       2259
Light cavalryman 1511
Archer           1898
Battering ram      66
Supply wagons    409

fortress is Lv.6  moat is 10  tower is 6 wall is 10
Army in fortress is like that :

Spearman    440
Swordsman    294
Light cavalryman 466
Archer           1432
Battering ram     3
Supply wagons    20

what happened is like that : i attacked his 2 times the first time the Fortress's hitpoints was ZERO in the last round but i lost the siege i said " May be because i didn't kill any of his Army in fortress" ... the second time i hit the fortress and made the hitpoints zero in the round 11 of 13 & killed some of his army and once again i lost the siege battle.

the above army's numbers are for the first time of attack i didn't loss much in that attack so i repeat the attack again ... also in the 2nd attack i lost around 120 of my Catapul while i didn't loss that number in the 1st attack.

I will appreciate if any one help me to understand how can i loss these battles
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« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2014, 12:52:07 PM »

Please send me a private message with information about your username, realm, time and date of the two battles and the username of the opponent/s in the battles.

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