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Author Topic: Army Balance Light Men vs. Heavy (Attack / Defence)  (Read 2343 times)
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« on: April 12, 2014, 21:51:20 PM »

You guys have it where a person can not attack or spy on anyone that is under a certain amount of net points. Which is cool, but when it comes to someone having Heavy Men can attack a person with just regular men is not balanced. Even if you have 25000 light men it is a Slaughter when you get attacked by someone with Heavy. That person that has light men is going to loss and have their fortress destroyed no matter what. At the cost of what it takes to get Centralization 6 just in gold not including the amount of other resources per level gets very expensive. Not including what it takes to rebuild 12000 men from a battle against light men vs. heavy. Specially when you have to spend 1.1 Mil in wood on provinces just to upgrade one farm by 9300 people per level then the cost doubles every level.

People with heavy should only be allowed to attack people with heavy; no wonder when I look around the global map so many provinces are empty because of the over all balance of the game is unfair. It becomes very difficult to up keep your provinces, army etc. more or less keep upgrading everything you need to just get to Centralization 6 to get Heavy men. 
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« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2014, 11:02:36 AM »

The net worth points  represent the current strength of a player and are calculated according to the amount and type of spent resources. Twice more net worth points are given for the spent resources on army recruitment. The net wotrh points give more realistic image about the account developement than the type of units he/she can recruit.
The net worth points range is the diferrence between two players' net worth points.  As you've mentioned, attacks upon Empires out of range x5 (5 times smaller or bigger based on net worth points) are forbidden. There are another punishements which apply on attacks upon smaller players.  Attacks upon Empires out of range x2 cause morale, honor and attack parameter drop per every 0,1 coefficient difference out of the allowed range. When a player attacks a smaller player, his attack power decreases, initial morale values are smaller, which sometimes can be the reason for losing the battle and honor is lost.
Investing in the economical developement of the Empire at the beggining of its developement might pay off significantly more in the later stages of the game, the Empire will produce more resources which will help with the researches and army upkeep.
There aren't any similar changes planned in near future in the game. We appreciate your sharing the suggestion with us, recommendations are always welcomed
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