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Author Topic: Diamond Transfers and Donations to Alliance Treasury.  (Read 837 times)
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« on: March 09, 2014, 20:43:45 PM »

  Huh? I think you should be able to donate diamonds to the alliance's treasury, that your in, as soon as you join. It says you need to wait 10 days to donate diamonds to the treasury. The players are the ones that buy them, and should be able to distribute them as they please. (I am not being snobby.. just forward). Also, there should be away to donate diamonds to other players as well, for their personal use, and not just the alliances use. I do understand that hackers and phishers may cause problems for this, which is why the number of diamonds should be limited to a very low amount that can be donated to the player of that persons choice. Also, make giving diamonds unavailable to babysitters of course. Also, there is the buyer beware option clause as well. Lets say a person donates diamonds to an alliance right away and gets kicked. It's the players fault who donated them, because it was his or her choice in the first place. Another reason that this wouldn't be a big deal is because I've had a similar problem with gold. I took a large loan out from the bank, and now I'm stuck for 168 hours not able to do anything. The in-game window wasn't very descriptive on how the loan system works. I DID NOT expect to be able to attack, scout, trade, or build things that required gold. However I DID NOT know that when you fell negative, you couldn't build or research things that didn't even require gold to do. I had just bought diamonds the day before this post, and now I can't even use them. So this is why the donator/buyer beware thing still fits. Also, the low and/or max number of diamonds that can be given to a player will take out most of the issues with people going through the effort to scam people for very little diamonds. I really do think that you should be able to donate to the alliance treasury with diamonds immediately upon entry. I understand the protection of the players getting scammed, however, there's also that feeling of not being able to do what you want with your diamonds. This is all just a suggestion. Please let me know what you think.                                       
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« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2014, 13:31:01 PM »

You must be member of the allinace where you want to donate diamonds for at-least 10 days in order to donate diamonds in the allianfce treasury. The suggestion has been reviewed before and the rule isn't going to change.
The option Buy for a friend is used for buying diamonds for other players. It can be found in menu Premium -> Buy diamonds tab. Give your babysitter limited rights if you don't want him to be able to use and donate diamonds from your account. If you think that you will be expelled from the alliance after donating diamonds in the treasury, better don't do that, the responsibility about the donation will be only yours, there isn't a punishement for expeling from the alliance. There is explanation about the loans in your other topic. Thank you for suggesting.


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