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Author Topic: Colony destination 2  (Read 2193 times)
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« on: October 17, 2013, 19:40:55 PM »

Are you joking me i didn't get anything from support i ask her something she told me something that doesn't have anything with this situation. You: moderators, administrators and others  told me first that that was not mistake, aaaaalright then   *hmm* i clicked on one spot to create colony and system thrown it on another location i said then what is that, your team told me that is correction from system LOL *hahaha* i said then if that was not mistake  then why system showed me at that moment like it's possible and still it's showing me to make colony at that place? Then after long time i get answer "by the point 5.2 of your system law or something every try with manipulating with this game or try to change the normal flow of game has deserve a punish, sir on this way you tried to hide your colony and to manipulate and to change flow of this game" *crazy*. HAAAAa this was most ridiculous answer that i could expect. Helloooooo system showed me like that spot was available for colony i clicked on it and get colony on far away from place where i order it if that was not allow why system show it like it is and you said that it was not mistake in system to show that. Next massage was from community menager she said our "experts" checked this problem(i was in game when they kicked me from my acc for safety check) and they didn't find any bug or problem in this case, anyway we can not bee sure that you clicked on that spot where you claim you did.  *stop* Please stop talking any more this makes me to start thinking that people in IO team are from kindergarten. You said your "experts" checked this problem, how they could check when they are not sure where i had click on map  *hahaha* you alone said that they are not sure where i have clicked on map o.O Then after some long time i get answer "We are sorry but we can not help you". Good thing is that i know that Krum can, he returned to MaxZajeb in R105 all armies to all players when they was destroyed by serbian alliance, after that they win gold medal in that real and first people who played this game give up from it for ever for that situation i can give you a dozens of witnesses but i am sure that even a hundreds of people know about that actually i should even place what tiger moderator from croatia told about that situation in email  how krum returned army to them when i connect with those people i will get a picture of his emails. Ok let's get back to the point. I do not understand what is going on, to the this moment you didn't give to me any good explanation why i should not get back my resources and villagers on simply to change destination of my colony where i want. I wanted to speak with Krum your team told me it is not possible. Ok i respect that it's easy for me to chat with people who doesn't even know how to defend their stand in this situation. Everything that you said was incorrect i suppose that you expected from the other side of the chat room some dumb kid which will eat your lies like a cake.  Everything that you said to the this moment is ridiculous you doesn't even said any worth sentence or prof in this game defense. I expected that moderator from my country will help me but he keeps telling me some bad excuses to avoid my correction and to solve my problem. Not even that i deserve those resources back i deserve even a indemnity for your try to avoid to help me in this problem. For the end let's pass this things in few sentences.
I try to make a colony behind one players which showed me as possible, system thrown it 3 fields up and one field right from the point where i order it. IO team told me that it was not mistake it is correction from system, i answer if that is not mistake why then system showed me at first place that is possible and after that, that same system make a fool of me and thrown it on another location. (you already see mistake of the same system here) Next IO team lie was our experts checked that situation. They could not check because they didn't know where i started colonization, after i told  location. Still that place is marked on the map like a possible for colonization. Right now i can call my self by that same point 5.2  and i can say that you tried to change normal flow of this game and you tried to manipulate with this game because you tried to run away from this bug, problem in this game and in same moment and still you are trying  to not repay me back resources and villagers which i paid for this colony which has made by the system mistake on another position. I am not a young stupid kid to you can fool me. I know that only Krum can solve this problem and i demand to you inform him about this problem and to he first read this topics. By the system mistake i have all rights to demand resources and villagers back.
Greetings from tiraniius  *gamer*
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