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Author Topic: Chat Room Rules  (Read 10273 times)
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« on: September 05, 2007, 20:33:10 PM »

1.   English chat is ENGLISH chat. Talk English only. If you want to talk using any other language, either go to the appropriate channel or make a private channel.
2.   Flooding, spamming, cursing, advertising, discriminating and insulting are forbidden.
3.   Don’t fill lines with caps or emoticon’s. if you have something to say, say it with normal letters, if you have nothing to say, don’t say anything at all. No reason to annoy the rest with emoticons.
4.   Entering chat with approved operators nicks is not allowed - only approved chat operators can use those nicks on public chats.
5.   Using all kind of scripts to manipulate in any way the chat is not allowed. Using restricted scripts for chat operators is not allowed to normal users too.
6.   Pretending to be an operator is very much NOT appreciated. Don’t do it.
7.   The chat is there for everyone. Don’t judge people just because they are new and you think they are stupid.
8.   There is a Manual and a FAQ. Read it before you ask everything.
9.   If you don’t agree with an operator regarding a warning and think you didn’t deserve it, you are wrong. The operator is always right.
10.  If you think you got banned for something you didn’t do, message Liera and explain what happened.
               *note: It will be the complainants responsibility to provide proofs of his complaints
11.  If you see someone spamming, flooding or breaking the rules in any other way, while there isn’t an operator online. Make screenshots and PM them or wait till an operator is online.
12.  Evading a ban in any way will directly result in a new ban without warning.
13.  Voiceman link/ Voting link is forbidden in chat as stated in the voiceman rules it says that  "The link can be sent directly from you through ICQ, MSN, SKYP, E-MAIL, added in your web site, blog or Forum signature."

Penalty for breaking the rules:

* Breaking any of those rules will result in a warning. If you choose to ignore the warning you will get a ban from all Imperia Online chat rooms for 48 hours. This wont be reversed, so don’t start saying you are sorry afterwards, you’ll have to wait 48 hours anyway.

* Excessive cases will meet excessive punishment - 48h ban or deletion of all game accounts.

* Since some users violate chat rules numbers 4-5 then chat operators are allowed to ban without prior warning if they think that situation demand such reaction. Rule 4 will result to deletion in the game.

* On rule no. 13 >> " Any violations and abuses will result in voiceman’s points to be taken away."

The following operators are in the English chat:
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