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Author Topic: Admin betrayer  (Read 1577 times)
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« on: October 22, 2012, 11:38:56 AM »

I am srdjan98 leader of srbempire_1389 (Realm 64)
I want explain everything here what happened in realm64 and how to IO admin team working unfair and helping their friends.
At  17.10.2012 following the rules of the game we got a castle of Nemesis alliance and we destroyed their army.

Explaining our strategy: we were sending a lot of attacks by 400 units every 5 seconds.

they tried to move army out of castle, it's was 2,862,225 unites.

but they could not because every 5 seconds they lost 14 units by our fast attacks.

and probably they tried to move 2,862,225 units but game did not allow to move army because their real army was less than 2,862,225

They could not move army and they could do it easy just sending away real number of troops they have.

it was just smart playing and very poor reaction of commander who was defending that army.

Please take a look at a screenshot of our first attack

Everything was legal and fair.

Krum............member of your administration team , he restored their army again.

he gave them back 2M paladins + 1M phalanx

krum's and support team action's are unfair.

We are spending money for this game to have fun, not encounter with this situation.

Furthermore a player called DeMar from Fleur_De_Lis alliance interfering between two teams claims we cheat and behaves like a member of supporting group of IO. If that is offensive for my character because as I mentioned before I play for fun...... we are not cheater and we are spending money from our personal income.

and see screenshot of DeMar's profile as a proof for my allegation's of being member of IO support group.
He using IO bugs and he is biggest cheater in IO but admin did not ban him, because he is one of them.
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« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2012, 14:44:14 PM »

I have to dissapoint you, we didnt restore their army because of your attack with 400 troops, but because 1 other bug, which didnt allowed them to move army.
Demar isnt part of IO team, he was just fair enough to report some bugs so we could fix it. Bugs which your alliance members also used, but didnt report them. So in your case, i wouldnt post false accusattions on forum.
Topic locked.

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