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Author Topic: Interface improvements we want  (Read 1000 times)
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« on: May 24, 2011, 08:04:06 AM »

After spend some time here in the forum...thinking about the game come up with  a small idea (if IO decide to hear us) that can help us make our lives easier in imperia realms and also encourage player to become premium...and it is ask for improvement you want in the interface...

I found those:

1.There should be a button distribute all you resources in exactly amount in all provinces. How many times you spend time doing it because you gonna launch a big research you don t have the resources and don t want some see a great amount in on province

2.The transport & construct which is great, should look for resources in the hole empire not just the capital.

3. There should be a button to move the army from colonies also, or maybe the one we have should pop a message asking for that.

4.There should be a button to garrison all the units possible starting from the most expensive to the cheaper in all provinces, how many times when you have big army and returning form mission and you gonna stay home because you are on line you got to be moving army to garrison them, it is really boring.

5.Imperial transport should be automatic if you are not under attack same for automatic arrival, there is no reason to wait for the army or resources, and we have to do more clicks...

6.In loans, there should be the 3 kind, but as you should now if you gonna loan an specific amount you have to manage your villager and put some to rest, it will be easier if you can put the amount you have..really simple....

7. One button to gather all the gold from colonies.

8. In farms and medicine research when you click on them it said for farm, farm capacity and for medicine it raises 5%, who care about it? what we need to know is for farm is actual population grow, and with next level...with medicine the same actual population grow and next level (all empire in this case)

I wrote too much guys, let the rest for you, be aware that none of those give you a truly advantage over normal players but they would make your life a lot more easier...regards....
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