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Author Topic: The Nomad Blades Shall Shatter the Universe Once Again!  (Read 3398 times)
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« on: March 18, 2011, 14:30:09 PM »

Dear Players!

It is with great pleasure that I am informing you about the soon to be epic Nomads Invasions Era 7!

Official Tournament Rules

- Game speed - Blitz (x4).
- No attacks between players.
- Automatic attacks are performed against each player every 26 hours; totally 33 attacks.
- All players are Imperians and all attacks are Nomad.
- You can boost Nomad attacks up to 20% for unlimited number of players. In order to boost someone's attack, you must have at least one life. You can boost someone's attack only in case he is currently ranked up to 500 positions above or below you. A player can be boosted up to 20% for one attack. Boosting an attack is allowed just during the first 8 hours from wave's beginning. 
- First 3 attacks will be the same for all players.
- After 3rd attack the attacking armies' strength will depend on the player's current ranking:
    1st place - 2,00 times stronger army (number of soldiers) than base
    2nd place - 1,99 times stronger army (number of soldiers) than base
    3rd place - 1,98 times stronger army (number of soldiers) than base
    100th to 200th place - base army
    201th place - 0,01 times weaker army (number of soldiers) than base
    202th place - 0,02 times weaker army (number of soldiers) than base
All players ranked below 250th place will be attacked by 0,5 times weaker army than base army.

 - Battles are calculated the same way as the rest of the realms in IO. Units do not have bearing capacity.
 - Attack types will not take turns.
 - If the attacking army wins, all player's buildings drop by 1 level and their base net worth points cost is deducted from player's points.
 - If the player does not have an annexed province which is attacked, the army for the missing province is added to rest of the attacking armies.
 - For each successful defensive victory each player will receive war income equal to 50% of the annihilated enemy armies. This income will be available for only 24 hours.
 - Maximum player lives - 15. Every battle lost costs 1 life (so if a wave has 4 attacks, you could lose 4 lives). If a player loses all his 15 lives, he can continue playing, but will be eligible for the special awards only.
 - All players start with Fortress level 1, with 25 garrisoned archers. The Fortress must be activated in the beginning.
 - The maximum count of provinces each player can annex and develop is 4, along with Province 1.
 - Resource transportation is instant.
 - Soldier training queue is available
 - Infantry Barracks have 50% increased capacity.
 - Fortresses have maximum resources capacity (resources of each type):

     Fortress 0 -     10,000
     Fortress 1 -     20,000
     Fortress 2 -     35,000
     Fortress 3 -    110,000
     Fortress 4 -    410,000
     Fortress 5 -  1,210,000
     Fortress 6 -  4,810,000
     Fortress 7 - 19,210,000
     Fortress 8 - 38,410,000

 - All players have access to the 10 hours resource income.
 - Market prices will be fixed by their base equivalent and will not change during the whole Era. Buying option will be available under attack. There is fixed market commision - 5%.
 - Transport stations will not be slowed under attack.
 - No Gambling.
 - No Alliances.
 - No Espionage between players.
 - No Vacation Mode.
 - No 6 hours offline rule.
 - No battle history for other players.
 - Rankings are only by net worth points.

 - All rewards will be paid only by PayPal or Moneybookers.

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