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Author Topic: leveling out players  (Read 1000 times)
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« on: February 21, 2011, 05:07:20 AM »

I was just looking something in IO and i got surprised by how much IO leveled this game. Not sure when they posted that but damn i feel sorry for not reading/seeing it before.

So as it is now this is the situation

  • you can't have higher level of melee than 20 (with alliance research)
  • you can't have higher level of defense than 20 (with alliance research)
  • you can't have higher level of range attack than 20 (with alliance research)
  • Military medicine maximum recovery is 70%
  • War horses can go all the way to lvl 40
  • Drill maximum is 15
  • Fortification maximum is 40
  • Espionage and counter espionage is 40
  • Cartography is 40 too
  • And not to forget MAXIMUM army moral can be 155

As for economy researches

  • centralization max 18
  • Bureaucracy 44
  • colonization, architecture, medicine max is 40
  • Banking is 14

So boys and girls, THIS IS NOT the same game as V4. Don't do the same mistakes like i did. Here smaller but stronger army dont exist. With lvl 16 range/defense/melee and alliance lvl 4 researches you are good to go. Don't do stupid mistakes like i did because i research higher levels than 16 naively thinking that this is the edge i need to win the battle (and also i wanted to save some gold with smaller but stronger army).

So now if you are under attack feel free to write lvl 20 for attacking army defense, melee and range. Unless there is some bug in game you cant make mistake. ALL of us now have same levels or would have soon *dance*

Strategy, what is that Huh?

Who need strategy, it was already too complicated so for our own good they decided to make it really, really simple.  *PINKGLASSES*

We are playing game where bigger army is ALL that you need and all that you can actually have. No strategy, just build your army but hurry up before they decide to max number of units too.  *xxx*

And this would be all from me. After seeing these levels i have to apology for making loud noise with regard to moral in battle.

Since IO clearly have different vision and different target group than where i belong i would now shut up.

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