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Author Topic: alliance tax system  (Read 1346 times)
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« on: February 02, 2011, 20:24:21 PM »

The sequence is the following one:as yovanna states

gross production >> -army upkeep >> -loan payment >> -alliance tax

seems to me this also is part of the problem for alliance treasury's  as anyone taking alone hurt his alliances income in gold production big time. as treasury  was still getting a full x% share from wood iron and stone production   gold is  only getting a portion of the set tax%.  so alliance treasury's while receiving the full set tax % on the 3 commodities  with gold treasury would only receive a increasingly smaller percentage of your tax% going to treasury as u grow  and have larger army's upkeep and loan payments  those 2 really stifle the growth of alliance funds.   and basically punish an alliance for large armies and loan taking.  and lets get for real we all know u pay the tax man first   evil4 evil3
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