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Author Topic: Bugs and how they should deal with it  (Read 1033 times)
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« on: January 21, 2011, 02:23:35 AM »

First thing to say. I'm very satisfied (most of the times) how yovanna deals with bugs. (tiger too but i have a feeling he is not in charge for that)

She really listen to players and she do try to help out. I can't say and i don't know what kind of issues and policies she is facing with in IO HQ so i can't say if what she do is the best she can but i do believe she does do her best.

Anyway this post is not about yovanna or any other admin from IO it's about IO policy or better to say lack of real policy.

As it is now (and in past years that i play IO) i saw only one IO policy. If there is major fu*k up that damage players they would, most of the time, ignore it or make us pay a price for it BUT if there is bug that players exploit THAN they can fix it with no trouble. From last year the best example is gambling with diamonds when someone realized they can exploit bug and get free diamonds.

I think IO should have the same policy for all bugs. If you (IO) mess it up pay for it, if players misuse the bug than ban them (second part is actually in forced and working).

The reason why i'm writing this is because i'm playing one more online game only because friend of my ask me to. Anyway today i log in and i saw message in my inbox.

This is the message " All players will receive 10 Diamonds for the problems that the server had earlier today. We apologize and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Funny thing is that i didn't even notice that "server problem".

Anyway, I'm not even suggesting (and hoping) IO would do something like that but for bugs that kill population, destroy someone army or similar IO should have strict policy.

Also strict policy should be this too. ALL players would be informed about all critical changes IN ADVANCE so they can adjust their gameplay. Latest reduction of price for centralization is one example. Of course this don't include bug fixes that enable players to cheat or critical bugs.

Players don't like to feel like fools and by not addressing bugs or informing players of changes IO is doing a lot of damage to their credibility.
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