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Author Topic: HaVoC vs. RoBoys  (Read 3502 times)
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So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will fight without danger in battles. If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose. If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yours

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I hate you all!!!!!!!!!

« on: November 29, 2007, 23:23:45 PM »

one of the mmost interesting wars on realm5 at the moment ...HaVoc vs. Roboys ....i am RememberMe from Roboys....HaVoC declared war on us...they were 2 times biger then us....a great war.....our points were between 60k-140k ..they points from 150k-240k.....we fought it was unreal to win...........

the first batlle they cached home one of ours ..tutunkamon  *evil* *evil*. ......sorry i dont have the link.....
after that a second atack on tutunkamon was thery close *evil* *evil*
 but they haved a big luck :

we were 480 points behind and there was nothing to do....we couldnt get theyr armys or forts down....but i had some army....and i tried something that is stupid atack in field batlle a player that was 150k points...a lot bigger then the moment i had 125k points...: *dance* *dance* *dance* *dance* *Angry* *Angry*
the link :

in 5 minutes after me the lider smitrea has arrived : *bear* *bear* *bear* *Angry* *Angry*

after 2 minutes zuzuzu has arrived :

*bear* *Angry* *Angry* *Angry*
We were leading by 290 points...we were thery excited *YAHOO* *YAHOO* *YAHOO* *YAHOO*
we had a chance now......
but in a few time our chances were crushed....we couldnt do no more of them in filed batlles...they starting atacking uor capitals  a lot  a few times we nearly chached them...RAPTOR_PH was nearly to chache theyr leader JunMissugi...with 80k elites and 700 trebusetes..but that turned back at 3-5 seconds to the impact....

the diference got down to 99 points after a lot of atacks between us....

And the war hero our leader one night stayed online all the night..and at 4-5 server time..4-5 in romania in the morning he chacehd them..he saw 15 atacks on him..and he cought 3 of them the rest turned back....
It is forbidden to post reports of battles that have been fought less then 7 days ago
It is forbidden to post reports of battles that have been fought less then 7 days ago
It is forbidden to post reports of battles that have been fought less then 7 days ago

 *bear* *bear* *bear* *bear* *bear* *YAHOO* *YAHOO* *YAHOO* *YAHOO* *ok* *ok* *ok* *bravo* *bravo* *bravo* *ok* *YAHOO* *YAHOO* *ok* *bear* *bear* *bear* *bear* *Grin* *Grin* *Grin* *Grin* *Angry* *Angry* *Angry*

And the war was won......the last score : RoBoys:4156 ; HaVoC:2891   ; the diference:1265

but it was hard ....thery hard HaVoC was an exelent opponent....VIVA RoBoys and HaVoC
i like nice wars....please put you comments on this war.....i putted it becouse the Hall Of Fame here in realm5 is thery poor.....THX FOR YOUR TIME..... *bear* *bear* *bear* *bear* *bear*
Dont get mad when you lose wars..becouse this is a GAME.....
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