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Question: Do you want IO to change V5 battle report
Yes give us V4a battle report - 12 (36.4%)
No i like it as it is - 3 (9.1%)
Yes i want more flash - 0 (0%)
Yes i want more info but keep the flash - 6 (18.2%)
Yes, keep the flash but add option to see report like in V4a - 12 (36.4%)
Total Voters: 30

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Author Topic: Battle report in V5  (Read 4453 times)
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« Reply #15 on: January 13, 2011, 14:28:25 PM »

1. Where do You see me writing that I think that players playing v5 are not smart enough to learn different battle mechanic? *xxx*

I would really prefer if You would read what I wrote and understand it - not to take asumptions on Your own. I wrote pretty preciselly what I think.  *gamer*

2. To avoid confusions - please do reports different then v4. Really. To give simple example - here You have 2 flanks (Without bonuses) and there can be also phalanx or swords on flanks - depending on Your army. So to avoid future problems, explanations - do a good raport but in simplistic way (For example txt how it was 4 years ago in IO v1-v2, which can be posted on forum without 3rd parties). I don't want to give much work to programers - just as little as possible *Smiley* So please make it as simple as possible *Smiley*

3. Where do You see me writing that I advice NOT to show data? *xxx*
@nekodrugi - I wrote something complitelly oposite - to add data to raports. Can You please read with understanding again? *pardon*

4. In simplistic raport which I sugested You would have exactly that what I hope for and wrote in my previous post - hard core data of the battle. So You actually just repeat what I have written. *pardon*

Overall - nekodrugi - read with understanding and don't take assumptions on Your own... If You don't understand what someone else wrote - ask to clarify... *tired*

+k for many smileys *Smiley*

Hail to the Spam King *KING*
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