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Author Topic: How to Prepare Land for a Plant Nursery Garden Guides  (Read 4144 times)
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« on: January 02, 2011, 09:45:29 AM »

A plant nursery requires enough space to hold inventory that may include trees, shrubs, annual and perennial plants planted in a variety of container sizes. Enough room also needs to be provided for machinery and vehicles to have access to work areas. The land where a plant nursery is located must be level to prevent excessive runoff of chemicals used in caring for the plants. In addition,zhuhai florist, greenhouses set up to protect bedding plants or other frost sensitive plants and sales offices must be located where you have access to utilities.
 Step 1
Decide on the size of the office buildings and the greenhouses and where they should be located by measuring the area. Optimally, greenhouses should have a north-south orientation so the plants get the most sun. A greenhouse needs to have enough room to pot, prune and process plants. Office buildings must be big enough for several people to work and have enough room for a restroom as well as computers and file cabinets.
 Step 2
Calculate how much space is needed for trees, shrubs and other plants that are stored outdoors. The amount of space depends on how large the plants are the you will be holding in inventory and their number. You will need to build braces that keep the trees from blowing over.
 Step 3
Decide where water lines and other utilities will go. It is better to have too many water sources than not enough. If you have to drill a well,taian flowers, you will need to have the it drilled where it can be easily maintained. If a well pump needs replacement, all the piping needs to be pulled, meaning a large truck with an A-frame needs access to the well house. If you must build a containment pond for run off for legal or compliance reasons, designate space for one in your plan.
 Step 4
Designate on your plan where the fencing will go. You cannot carry valuable inventory without good fencing. Also, fencing keeps out animals, such as deer, that may browse on your inventory.
 Step 5
Clear the land with a bulldozer. Use a laser level to ensure the land is flat. If a containment pond is needed, it will need to be dug and the land contoured so water runoff from the nursery enters the containment pond. Once the land is cleared and leveled, mark off all areas where structures will go by hammering in stakes at the proposed corners of the structure and using string to mark off the area of the planned structures.

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