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Author Topic: Province Terrains  (Read 48854 times)
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« on: July 19, 2007, 14:57:35 PM »

The game world is placed on a huge land mass that has innumerable territories (empires). Each territory is divided on 25 provinces. These 25 provinces are the ethnical borders of each players.(no player will be able to colonize all 25 them, and you cannot colonize provinces in somebody else empire only the 25 provinces in your empire are allowed. The territories (empires) don't have mutual borders, they are surrounded by No man's land, land that is unusable for farming and therefore not available for colonizing. The armies, transports and ext. that travel from one player to another, travel through this land, therefore you can go to the farthest point of the continent without worrying about passing through other players lands.

Map of the Provinces. This is where you can see how your provinces are arranged, terrains, which ones are colonized (colored in red). All players start on #8 province with Plains for terrain, after that it is up to you what provinces will be colonized. If you colonize four provinces to surround a 5th (on a cross  one on each side) then the middle province is considered inner colony and causes 20 points drop in morale to the army of any invader who attacks that inner province.
 It takes 10 minutes to move from one province to another.

There are six possible terrains in the game and each has its advantages and disadvantages:


+ 20% Cavalry attack
+ 20% Population growth
- 20% Fortresses hitpoints

Plains with forests
- 10% Cavalry attack
- 20% Archers attack
- 20% Fortress hitpoints
+ 10% Defenders attack
+ 25% Lumber mill productions
+ 10% Population growth

+ 10% Defenders attack
+ 10% Archers attack (both sides)
+ 10% Fortress hitpoints

Hills with forests
+ 15% Defenders attack
+ 10% Fortress hitpoints
+ 25% Lumber mill productions
- 10% Cavalry attack
- 10% Archers attack

+ 20% Defenders attack
+ 20% Fortress hitpoints
+ 20% Archers attack
+ 20% Iron mine production
+ 20% Stone quarries production
- 20% Population growth
- 20% Cavalry attack

Mountains with forests

+ 25% Defenders attack
+ 20% Fortress hitpoints
+ 20% Iron mine production
+ 20% Stone quarries production
+ 25% Lumber mill production
- 30% Population growth
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