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Author Topic: Points  (Read 59249 times)
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« on: July 19, 2007, 14:56:00 PM »

Net worth points

They show the current strength of a player. The points are based on the concept "How much are you worth at this moment?". All buildings, research and army is calculated how much they cost in Gold and then are counted towards the points the following way:
Buildings and research are evaluated at their basic prices. If you have high level University and Architecture, you will be paying much less than the basic prices, but the point will stay the same.
The armys cost in gold is multiplied by 2. Therefore the army brings you the most points per spend resources, but it is the riskiest way to gain points  if the army is destroyed you lose all of you points. If you disband or colonize, you still lose the points that you had from the army.
All results are divided by 1000 so numbers don't get unnecessary large.

Military points and Ranks

To receive higher ranks, players must earn military points by fighting. To earn points you do not have to be part of an alliance, or be in a official war - all military actions bring point for ranks by the system shown bellow. To see the name of the particular rank, the mouse must be put on top of the insignia and a tooltip will appear.

Ranks                                                Points

Private ----------------------------------30
Corporal -----------------------------45
Second Sergeant --------------------68
Sergeant ---------------------------101
Senior Sergeant --------------------152
Officer Candidate -------------------228
Second Lieutenant ------------------342
Lieutenant --------------------------513
Senior Lieutenant -------------------769
Captain --------------------------1 153
Major ----------------------------1 730
Lieutenant-Colonel ---------------2 595
Colonel --------------------------3 892
Brigadier General -----------------5 839
Major General --------------------8 758
Lieutenant General --------------13 137
General -------------------------19 705
Marshal -------------------------29 558

Every military action brings different points:

1. For destroying a fortress.

Fortress 1     1 point

Fortress 2     2 points

Fortress 3     3 points

Fortress 4     4 points

Fortress 5     8 points

Fortress 6    16 points

Fortress 7     32 points

Fortress 8     64 points

2. Field battle

All army units killed in battle bring points. Army that is worth 5000 gold is equal to 1 point.

The rule is true for Fortress sieges as well. The killed units bring points to both sides - the losing side also earns points for the units killed during a battle.

3. Pillaging provinces.

Every 1000 villagers killed bring 1 point
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