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Author Topic: Battle simulator  (Read 1389 times)
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« on: November 18, 2010, 01:20:16 AM »

I like that they added morale to the end, but its still difficult to understand moral in the battle as it progresses.  Sometimes, the green flag does not change as rounds happen.
Can you add morale to the attacker/ defender tents, so we can watch it there. 
Can you make it so you can see both attacker and defender numbers at the same time?  Just give me 1 box with 4 items in top left - morale, soldiers of attacker, soldier of defender and wall hp
Can you make the computer remember what you entered into the calculator...I go back and forth between spy reports/ mission/ and calculator...I hate re-entering information.
Can you show how much each army recovered so that mil medicine is easy to see?
Can you have a strategy/ tactic option where you tell your archers where to shoot? ie. archers 1st - I hate that in defense, my archers die, but his live to shoot me.
Can you have a strategy tactic option that sets ballistae target preferences?
Can you have a hover over option where we can see losses like in V4 battle reports
Can we have a hover over option so we can write down the damage to walls being done...machines and units
Can Cataphract archers shoot in battles over walls?

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