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Author Topic: Banking  (Read 15279 times)
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« on: July 19, 2007, 14:48:27 PM »

Banking has 2 main functions:

 - It opens the possibility of borrowing gold and returning it at a higher rate.

All players after developing the first 3 levels of Banking will be able to borrow money from the bank in the following amounts:

12 hour empire production
24 hour empire production
48 hour empire production

The empire production is calculated by turning all resources that the player's empire is making at the moment of borrowing into gold by the Gold Standard (10 wood=2.5 iron=5 stone=5 gold).

All credits are returned for a period of 168 hours in 6 minute payments (so total of 1 680 payments). For the entire 168 hour period the money returned will be charged by the following interest:
The 12 hour credit is going to be returned with 70% interest.
The 24 hour credit is going to be returned with 100% interest.
The 48 hour credit is going to be returned with 150% interest.

The levels of Banking give access to the following things:

1st - Access to the 12 hour credit
2nd - Access to the 24 hour credit
3rd - Access to the 48 hour credit

- It generates an interest on your stashed gold every 24h.

For each banking level after 4 you players receive 1% interest on the gold stashed in the capital. Max. banking level is 14 and max. interest is 10%. No interest is generated if the gold stashed is above the fortress's capacity. The interest is given only once every 24h at the first login of the player for the day.

Every level in more expensive than the previous by Formula 1

The following cross dependencies are valid for this research:

1st level of Banking needs 1st level of Trade
2nd level of Banking needs 4th level of Trade and 10th level of Bureaucracy.
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