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Author Topic: five out of five  (Read 5502 times)
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« on: November 09, 2007, 18:24:52 PM »

Ok, I might not be able to fight with thousands of units and don’t get millions of gold for this war, but I can (and I really need to) tell you, I had a lot of fun today. *Smiley*

A player used to attack me, even pillaged 3 of my provinces. *Angry* So my first thought was to build an army strong enough to get back at him as soon as possible.

The only problem, it would just not have been enough, for my taste. So what to do? I decided to set some thing up. *evil*

So I did let him spy on me, without killing his spy´s, I checked on him is well, but always dismissed the spay afterwards  immediately, so he would not notice. *cool*

I hided my recources all the time so he did let me go and it seemed he forget about me, but I was building army over tree days and checked on him and dismissed, expensive though. I wanted to know when he will be offline, I even checked his Home country (Alliance), so I was ready *Grin*.

This morning was just perfect, because of the 24 hours stop of attacking each other. I got up really early, because of my time zone, *sad* and checked on him. And as aspected he went for some one, so I waited because over the last couple of days I learned, he would not go offline with his army on the way.

He came back and put some archers in his Fortress and let the rest to protect the province. I waited about 30 min, nothing! So I assumed he will be offline and attacked, SO EXITING!

But for crying out lout, *xxx* he still was f…..g online?! But I did my home work, he obviously tortured the calculators, but to late, so he realised. So he spend most of his recources on whatever just to get rid of the money not knowing what my plan was.

I did not attack him for Fortress siege, I attacked for field battle to destroy his army, it worked, only the archers he had in the fortress and the poor units that was left survived. *YAHOO*

I have to give him the credit that he ALLMOST immediately collected the rest of his army and went for pillage in one of my provinces, brave but late!!! *freak*

When my army came back, I had about 30 seconds to send them to the other province, so I did and about 10 seconds before he came for pillage I was ready for it and devastated his poor guys, ridiculous!  *Tongue*

So when the hand full of his survivers went back  home, of course just a couple of seconds later a part of my army arrived and killed them almost all, SO EXITING.

Meanwhile another army oh mine went for his other province for pillaging of course, and I even send them again for Fortress siege and robed him blind. *hahaha*

So five out of five and a really exiting day, it was so much fun I just needed to share this with you guys and even though I never get a medal, I am really proud of this and just honour myself with a cooooooool Beeeeeeeeer  *bear*

TO BE CONTINUE !!!  *evil*
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2007, 18:42:43 PM »

he he, nice

he had the army set to field battle  *hahaha*

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« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2007, 00:59:18 AM »

I thought it's standard for players to set their field army to retreat because it would fight automatically if attacked fortress sieged style? am i wrong or i'm right and he just forget it? anyway, that's a real exciting battle series and you really did a good job on that...

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« Reply #3 on: December 31, 2007, 12:05:10 PM »

On my first assumption I also thought many players would use to retreat. but as I start to engage in alliance wars, I noticed many players does not use to retreat...  Huh?

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