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Author Topic: from shiro10 to junmisugi: the dirtiest player i've ever known  (Read 14264 times)
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« Reply #15 on: October 08, 2011, 07:07:38 AM »

sad to know it:( but i also experienced these things in my entire year playing with realm... there are players who have tactics either bad or good tactics and although it is a game when we analyze the facts but with sportmanship mind... doing it is not just bad as it seemed but cowardly tactics! The only way i could survive from these tactics is to remain firm of what my goal is... and fortunately... this way, i survived! but i dont need to justified the whole realm era but to say my status now.

For those who are currently attacking me.... wait and see!!! *rose*

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« Reply #16 on: November 22, 2011, 02:03:40 AM »

hi radooo, i didnt post this for my innocence. my english literacy lvl is not high enough to teach you but i can explain  this: abandoned in english can be understood as having no landlord. since the game claims the existence of abandoned empires, we players have the right to abandon our empires. in other words, we can refuse our possession of that account. for example, i have acc shiro11, i dont want to play it anymore then i abandon it and play another account. shiro11 then no longer belong to me because i already ABANDONED it. so if the game master was fair, he would say that shiro11 is abandoned or shiro10 abandoned it, it cant be considered as milti accounting. and if he want to catch me, he must catch me while i activate both account. A game master must know about this more than anyone. and thats why i called Fragmaster chicky while he was trying to sue me for multi accounting (but he was successful i guess *Smiley*). so you think the gm was fair for me or not when blocking me for that reason?.
i have my pride, shiro10 is grown fair to earn respect from my friends as a good player. i dont mind if someone comes and destroy me in fair and equal battles. but i cant stand that i was beaten because of some gm's help  rant
you dont understand how dirty jun misugi is. before i got banned he acted as if we are friends. but just seconds after that, he called me cheater without asking me a question. called all strongest players in the realm to against me including my friends. and after beating me to death, he acted as if we are inherited enemies(you can see how excited he is in his post shiro10 be smashed) even i never touched veterans member once.

I will go after him!!!!  Not this name but the one that I am playing with in that realm.

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« Reply #17 on: November 22, 2011, 20:07:03 PM »

i used to think that you were a  good player but actually you are just a shame for all polish flag players.
no doubt, acc shiro11 is mine. however, i started to know the game about 6months ago, i didnt even know that having more than 2acc is not allowed until i know this forum (who care while this is a free game and i play just for fun). i just created it for nothing.  but the fact that howmany players in this realm who have more than 2000offensive victories can proundly say that they dont have 2nd acc to search for abandoned provinces? more than that, shiro11 has been abandoned months ago  and i dont know why gm picked on me in the most critical time(may be my existence makes the game unbalanced lol). and i noticed that cap1 attacked shiro11 once, and i wonder how he knew that lol, i guess everyone knows how(anyone interested in just check his battle history);
and you dirty shameless traitor junmisugi, you ignored me when i was weak . and after i became too strong you are the one who sent peace to me and tried to make friend with me cuz you afraid someday i will destroy you(actually if you hadnt done that, you and cap1 would have died long time a go lol)
then right after i was picked by an unfair gm, you immediately showed your dirty tail. it is really surprisind me since you noticed that i was banned so early(do you read the hall of shame once in every hour?). i know you know that even your gang plus 29members of serbia dont have a chance to win fighting me fair and equally. so this is the only way for you to beat me *Smiley*. that is why you dirty shameless traitor tried to make friend with me and wait till your gang gain enough power then do the gang rape against me while im totally frozen like you did to other players isnt it?
i really hate serbia and bulgaria/ns players but i never disgust them, they are my enemies from start to the end. and they fight me honorably. unlike you, just look at your name is enough to make me sick
oh well you can call me a cheater, sometime i helped my ally to keep their acc from being abandoned and it was just wasting my time not making my shiro10 any stronger (i guess gm now allow baby-sitter anyway) however sometimes a cheater is 1million time better than you *Smiley*. i guess you are planning to post those shameful battles in the next few days in a big topic "i and my friend beat the cheater shiro10"
and finally, just a friendly warning for whoever is currently friend of junmisugi, just beware of that trairor *Smiley*

shiro10 *Smiley*

You should know that some people have more influence on the admins... the ban on you was known before you actually got banned *wink*
*Admin*     *Admin*

article 19 of the universal declaration of human rights.

Personal forum-ban count: 11. Edited after a 2 YEAR ban.

Good to be back with more scandal information.
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