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Author Topic: The end of... my second era.  (Read 3213 times)
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« on: November 04, 2008, 19:59:37 PM »

November 4, the end of my second era in realm 3...
I reached my secondary goals *YAHOO* *YAHOO* *YAHOO*
Goal 1 : playing alliance ranking but this didn't work out... my members wanted to play high points  *pardon*
Secondary: Goal 1 marshal star (easy)  [:-}, goal 2 medals: I got 7   hard (I could have had more but due to circumstances...)

My alliance of Noble_men had strong members but not strong resist the Bulgarian force. *Grin*
One by one they went into vacation mode... *cry*
There were some new ones but in the end there are just 2 of us left... *hahaha*

We had a nice war against Tangra... we couldn't win... but it was nice....exciting.
Respect to the Tangra alliance.  *rose*
They give respect and they get respect.

Due to dodging 'farmers' attacks, (I dodged way over 20 attacks, I am to lazy to make an exact count), I found my self farming and getting my networth points way to high. (some attacks were very good, 7 seconds, 5 seconds after my army got home  *ok*)
So I decided to keep farming and get my marshal star freewheeling...

So today, after 3 simultaneous attacks of 2 big farmers and 1, how shall I say, a hangaround, (I let them catch some soldiers  *hihi*)... I got my marshal star... and now I AM NOT IN THE MOOD OF BEING THE MOUSSE TO PLAY WITH FOR THESE LAST 2 WEEKS.
If you take a look at the top nethworth ranking, you know what i mean
So my game ends here...
This is a game, and the real winner is he who has had the most fun.
So I ask my self, who has had the most fun?Huh?

Greetings to all.
maybe I play again someday, somewhere...or maybe not.

Jahmba, leader of Noble_Men
Strength, honour and respect.
It is not only about if you win or lose, it is also about the way you play.

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