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Author Topic: Forum rules  (Read 8801 times)
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« on: July 24, 2007, 17:56:19 PM »

New forum - new rules

1. Topics and posts:

  • 1.1. Obligations:
          - To respect every forum user;
          - To keep a good tone;
          - Topics should be appropriate for the category they are started in;
          - Use only the corresponding language for each section,if there is none for your language use the "Other forum" section;
          - Replies should follow the topic;
          - Reply only in the language a topic has been started in;
          - Use personal messages,mail or chat for personal questions and private correspondence;
          - Posting private correspondence is allowed only under the condition all involved parties agreed;
  • 1.2. It is forbidden:
          - To insult,use bad language and swear;
          - To disrespect other forum and game users and the game itself;
          - To post sarcastic,cynical and xenophobic topics and replies;
          - Spamming,flooding and going offtopic;
          - To provoke forum and game users;
          - To answer provocations and insults;
          - To advertise;
          - To start flame wars on ethnical,racial,political and religious topics,as well as on topics which could insult somebody;
          - To post links to illegal software;
          - To post links to pornographic content;
          - To repost locked topics;
          - To post battle reports before 7 days of the battle have passed;
          - To post private correspondence except in case all parties involved have agreed;
          - To have more than 1 forum registration

  • 1.3. It is recommended:
          - To use normal font size and restrain from using too much colors;
          - In case of a problem always post in the relevant realm category,don't forget to write your account name(or the alliance name if needed);
          - In case of a global problem check if there isn't already started topic;

    2. Avatars:

  • 2.1. Obligations:
          - Maximum measurements are 100х80 pxl;
          - Maximum size is 20kb;

  • 2.2. It is forbidden:
          - To use an avatar of ethnical,racial,political or religious nature;
          - To use an avatar whose content might act as an insult to other forum members;
          - To use an avatar of pornographic nature;

    3. Signatures:

  • 3.1. Obligations:
          - Maximum measurements are 400х100 pxl - be it in text or in graphic;
          - Maximum size is 30kb;

  • 3.2. It is forbidden:
          - To use a signature of ethnical,racial,political or religious nature;
          - To use a signature whose content might act as an insult to other forum members;
          - To use a signature of pornographic nature;
          - To use links to illegal software or pornographic content as a signature;

    4. Administrators and moderators

  • 4.1. Administrators:

  • 4.2. Community Managers:

    English Forum - Oton, Krum;
    Bulgarian Forum - Oton, Krum;
    Turkce Forum - Blues;
    Spanish Forum - MimiPG
    Polskie Forum - Petya__;
    Portuguese Forum -Darina;
    Romanian Forum - Zeita
    Greek Forum - Imperia-Judith;
    French Forum - Gery;
    German Forum - Vania;
    Arabian Forum - Harito52
    Hrvatski Forum  - Tiger
    Serbian Forum - Martina
    Italian Forum  - robyalla2econda

  • 4.3. Moderators:

    5. Penalties:

  • 5.1. For not following the forum rules:
          - We can restrict your access to your forum profile;
          - We can restrict your forum functions;
          - We can restrict your forum access for indefinite amount of time;
          - We can restrict your game access for indefinite amount of time;

    Administrators, CMs and moderators of the forum reserve the right to delete individual users, messages or topics without notice or justification.

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