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Author Topic: Era 2 Bronze Winner: "You made me sleepless."  (Read 4066 times)
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« on: October 23, 2008, 15:39:18 PM »

She is a lady, one of Imperia's vets.
She started from the first day of the Beta and since then she is totally in love with the game.
She is a web-designer and... she smiled enigmatically when we offered her to work with us.
But we will not give up.

Presenting the bronze medal winner from NI: Era 2, one of the most fearsome fighters, the lady, who... needed just a little more... to be crowned Queen of the Nomads.

Name: Plamena Hristova
Age: 27
Location: Bulgaria, Shumen
Status: Single (and she doesn't plan to marry soon, work and carrier first)
Occupation: Web-design
Nick: Aqua
Final ranking: 3

Oton: First of all, congratulations for the excellent performance in NI: Era 2!
Aqua: Thank you, it was really tough Era. I was not sure till the last moments weather I would manage to rank third.

Oton: How long have you been playing IO?
Aqua: Since the first day of the Beta. I fell in love with this game and I still can not give it up. Though I realize it is time for me to have a long brake from it.

Oton: Have you played Blitz speed before?
Aqua: Yes, Era 1, it was very interesting.

Oton: What was your ranking back there?
Aqua: I can't remember correctly, I quit several days before the end, but after that, in another Era, i finished in Top 10. The Blitz is very exhausting, it is difficult to keep up till the end.

Oton: Same thing goes for Nomads?
Aqua: For sure. This Era, in particular. Last one was much less stressful, but the excitement was also much less.

Oton: What are the differences? If we put the gameplay changes aside. Which one was better?
Aqua: I don't know. The Eras were quite different, different approach was necessary.

Oton: What was the difference?
Aqua: This one was much more dynamic, it was a long time ago when I have not slept, playing IO. As far as the strategy, it was not hard to figure out the winning one for this Era. The new elements, such as war income and coefficient, made all players consider that the best strategy would be the huge defensive armies. Economy was important too, at least - during the first half of the tournament. Good start is always the most important part of the race.

Oton: Some of the players stated that we have sent unnecessary strong armies, in order to "save" ourselves plates expenses?...

Aqua: I don't think so, we all wanted to keep the coefficient, so there was no other option for us but to fight.

Oton: Were you able to fend off all the attacks?
Aqua: Of course, I was, especially since I won the strongest ones, but I lost my coefficient in much easier waves. It was pure madness - hiring troops 24/7, no other thought except not to miss a batch...

Oton: What were your mistakes?
Aqua: Probably the choice of provinces, but I am still considering it. I still think the mountain one was not a mistake.

Oton: Most of the players stated that the best choice is hills?
Aqua: I don't know about the hills. They are not among my favorite terrains. I was hesitating to choose three between plains or forest-plains, but I finally decided to choose a mountain one as well. Population was everybody's biggest problem during that Era and I starter early to push my Granaries and Medicine.

Oton: When did you feel you can get in to Top 3?
Aqua: I was racing towards it since the beginning, but I felt I lost everything in the last week... I had no idea weather I had enough resources to compensate Ma7ee8's advancement. But the last 3 waves brought back my hopes again. (she smiles)

Oton: Which were the mistakes you did not want to make?
Aqua: I feared most of not sleep over some of the night attacks. It would be fatal. For example - my brother, Kent, made such a mistake and that cost him the Top 3 chances. And about my strategy and planning, I do not find too many grave mistakes in my play. Everything went as planned. (she smiles in modesty)

Oton: Did we surprise you during this Era?
Aqua: To be honest, I did not expect strong attack till the final phases of the tournament. But not that strong. This was the surprise. as well as their type. In some cases I planned for Siege, but there was a pillage coming. You messed up my plans big time.

Oton: You earned 2 medals... you killed significant amount of nomads... you made quite a military points and Honor. In fact... you are ranked one of the Top places in Honor. Is the... extensive military background a must in NI?
Aqua: Generally I think that was the reason Beast won. He kept huge and strong army all the time. I, myself, was preparing for each attack, I did not want to get into a position into which I cannot upkeep my army. Of course, it is very important to calculate your battles optimally, how much your losses will be, etc. But at the end... that didn't matter much.

Oton: Why?
Aqua: Because the army was barely enough to fend off attacks in all 4 provinces, It didn't matter to me weather the fight was favorable, as long as I win. (she smiles)

Oton: Who was your main competition?
Aqua: You mean - besides Beast and Bibi? (she smiles)

Oton: Of course.
Aqua: Ma7ee8 was the main danger. Also - Brodqga and TTTTT.

Oton: Where were our mistakes?
Aqua: The war income was too big, the coefficient - too. In my opinion, the coefficient, itself, is an excellent idea, it gives players possibility to try new and different strategies and it should not be removed, just - decreased, so it could not be the main condition for good ranking.

Oton: What will you do with the prize money?
Aqua: I will treat my friends. Then I will treat them again the next 2 weeks. (she laughs) I'm kidding, I don't know yet, I haven't decided.

Oton: Will you defend your bronze medal in the next NI tournament?
Aqua: No, as I said, I need a long brake from the game. I don't miss an Era in one or another realm for 3 years already, it's time for vacation.

Oton: Do you consider yourself one of the best of the best in IO, since you have ranked 3rd in NI?

Aqua: I can't be sure, there are lots of good players which do not participate in NI, others do not have the necessary time and make mistakes. But, as much immodest, as it sounds... the winners in NI are one of the best. That is the truth. (she smiles again in modesty)

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