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Author Topic: Era 2, The Empress  (Read 3739 times)
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« on: September 24, 2008, 13:36:13 PM »

'Where are your reserve troops hidden... Your Majesty',  Oton stressed contemptibly on the title, looking at the tied up, covered with blood woman in front of him, through his folded eyebrow. In fact, he hoped for no answer. Then the heiress of the Knight Family would watch her whole captured army slaughtered.
The short-sized Empress, though kneeling, spitted in his face.
'Go to hell, you nomad dog!'
The Butcher shrugged and wiped his face with the towel his page gave to him.
'As you wish... Knight', He waved his hand and ordered loudly, 'Behead them all! One by one! Soldiers first, then the civil ones!'
The captured troops were disarmed and arranged in column. The nomads started pushing them forward, where a giant chopping log was put.
The executioner raised his sword and the horror began.
The heads rolled on the ground with disgusting, muted sound.
The Knight Empress started screaming and shortly after that she fainted.
'Wake her up!'
A whole bucket of water was splashed on her face. The Queen startled and began making incomprehensible sounds.
Oton slapped her face.
'Look into my eyes', he slapped her again.
The Knight Empress managed to focus her eyes at last. She forced herself to stop trembling and looked at the Butcher defiantly. 
'I have seen and fought many monsters, Oton... But I just realized something', her breath was notched. She looked at the rolling heads on the ground for a moment, but she instantly stopped, You do not qualify as a monster. You are just... nothing! Cruel, insane... nothing!'
The Butcher shrugged again and closed his face to hers. He grabbed her head by the neck with his only hand.
'I can do this all day', he pointed at the log and the bodies. The blood was still gushing in all directions, 'First I'm gonna behead your army, then I will do the same with your civilian men. And I will take you women and children into slavery!'
The Butcher made a pause and clenched his teeth.
'Do you have any idea... what it is like to be a slave in the Nomads camp, Knight? The hell would seem... one nice place to be compared with this slavery! Believe me, I never lie!'
He raised and turned to the captives.
'Do you see... what a wonderful Sovereign you all have? She would rather watch you all slain than give me what I want! Do you see... how much does she love you and care about you?'
'Don't you dare saying a bad word about her, dog', one of the captured imperian officers shouted.
Oton smiled.
'You will sing different song in half an hour', he waved his hand, 'Resume!'
'Stop', the Knight Empress screamed, 'Stop... I will talk! I will tell you what you want!'
The Empress bowed her head and began breathing heavily from the shame she was filled with.
'I shall speak... just... stop that madness, Oton...'
The Butcher came close to her, raising his hand to stop the carnage.
'I'm listening', he said quietly.
In half an hour the civilian population was freed, but the Butcher did not spare the imperian troops. At least he spared the Queen from watching it.
Destroyed and with her spirit broken, she was loaded on one of the supply trains, half way alive.
In fact... there was hardly anything for her to live for.
She did not care anymore.

Seventh wave results:

Successful pillages: 435
Defenders' victories: 267

Nomads killed: 4679592
Imperian soldiers killed: 1018519

Civilians killed or taken into slavery: 1422508

'It is obvious that the Aiarian queen has already bored you, Butcher', tha Amazon spoke mockingly, while she was checking the rains of her war horse, looking at the violated captive.
Oton tried to pass the remark between his ears.
'I love women. What can I do?'
Jane came close to the Empress and harshly grabbed her by her down jaw, baring her teeth.
'She seems in good condition. She will make a fine slave', the Amazon looked her in the eyes, 'Hmm... there is still defiance in her eyes... How will you remove it?'
'I won't', the bloody General replied.
Jane looked at him for quite some time. Then she shrugged.
'I heard you spared her civilians. This is not your style, Butcher. What... a mercy appeared suddenly in that chink of ice which replaces your heart? Or... it's about those nice blond curlier hair of hers?'
This time the arrow reached its target. The Butcher became irritated. But he tried to keep his voice neutral.
'You have a heavy march instead of you, Amazon. Do not bother... your little head with questions... too hard for it. I do not have to explain myself to you.'
Jane laughed clear-ringing.
'Of course, Butcher! Please, forgive me!'
She looked askance at him The was an extreme contempt in her eyes. She truly could not stand him.
'Well... you will still have to explain your actions... to your... superiors, my dear Oton. What was Krum's title? Let me think... Ah, yes - First among equals!'
The Amazon made a fake regret face.
'I am really... really... sorry thing have turned... so misfortune for you and your... future plans!'
Her sincere laugh could be heard almost through all the camp.
Oton clenched his teeth and managed to control himself.
"Not here! Not now!"
He started grabbing his captive to drive her and then he looked at her eyes.
The Knight Empress' look was way too focused.
She had "imbibed" his whole conversation with the Amazon.
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