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Author Topic: Era 2, The Blood-Thirsty  (Read 3956 times)
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« on: September 18, 2008, 15:07:13 PM »

"Back on my horse again!"
Caxo was breathing deeply the freezing air and the smile was not leaving his face. It was about time for him to taste again the one thing he was living for - battle.
It was the only thought for him. Nothing else mattered.
Only twenty four years old, the young nomad commander had it all. Almost.
He only lacked the crown of laurels, and that fact made him furious. Caxo knew the older nomad leaders underestimated him. He knew they pulled his ambition back, only to teach him patience and humility. And he was certain they all fear him.
The thought made his face grow dark.
He was at least equal to Oton in the art of war. And his deeds on the battlefield could be compared to those of legendary Robust.
And despite all these fact... he still did not feel... Princeps. He could not stand beside them. He was still... in the back line.
"Until when, in the name of the Mother!"
And now... when he had almost touched... his rightful place in the nomad hierarchy... all went to hell.
First Oton made his claim... then... the huge blow came, which he had not expected at all.
"Who is Krum?!?!?"
When the Mongol had taken over the Wall, Caxo was not even born. And what of it? Times have changed. This is not the Wall.
"We wre in hell. And... there is no place in hell for... old horses. He might as well get back to his Wall and pace it day and night, for all I care. Leave the Empire to those who have bled to conquer it. Leave to the future. To me."
Well... at least Krum tasted what it's like to be in this Mother forsaken place. And it certainly won't be the last time. Oh, no.
"They all fear me. I know it. And I will use this fear to vanquish them all!"
The naked and frozen-gripped forest started to retreat to the low bushes at last.
They were entering the valley.
And the imperian Fortress was glowing in white ten miles ahead.
The Blood-Thirsty grinned and raised his hand in the air.
'March forward!'
The Captain moved at the settle with anxiety.
'But General... our orders are to gather intelligence and assess the enemy's strength, not to engage in battle. We stand no chance in the open field, let along - against Fortress garrisoned archers...'
Caxo turned to him harshly and the Captain bowed his head, expecting his head to fall any moment.
The Blood-Thirsty just winked.
'When have you lost a battle beside me, Captain?'
The officer startled.
'Never, General.'
'That is correct, Captain. Never.'
Caxo poked his stud and flew, spreading the snow in front of him in all directions. His red cape was waving behind him.
He was feeling invulnerable again. Immortal. A god.

Second wave results:

Imperian Fortresses destroyed: 3
Defenders victories: 699

Nomads killed: 1738022
Imperian soldiers killed: 46051

Caxo's divinity and immortality ended... in shame on the tree, in the center of the nomad camp.
Naked and turned blue by the cold, the Blood-Thirsty was screaming while the whip was leaving bloody trails on his back.
After the twentieth whip Xaoc raised his hand.
The young nomad leader's head drooped, he inhaled deeply and went unconscious.
Xaoc started walking paralleled to the lined up generals, especially ordered to be present at Caxo's punishment.
'Some of you do not take me seriously', he started speaking, fixing his eyes upon each one of them, 'Some of you think they achieved immortal glory and that fact allows them to think others lesser. Some of you think they are Heroes.'
The nomad Chieftain drew out his sword and pointed it to their faces.
'Some of you... might even consider... not to follow my orders. And why? I wonder... when have I given you reason to do it?'
Steppe Wolf's face curved with anger.
'Who of you will challenge my supremacy? Who? Let him step forward and do it! Here! Now!'
The Generals did not move a muscle. Their eyes - straight forward.
'I do not care about your ambitions, nor your petty games! This is the Nomad Horde! You've been here almost an year and you have become the ones we are at war with! Intrigues! Hypocrisy! Politics!'
Xaoc spitted.
'When did you stop being nomads and turned into a hypocrite intrigants, as if you were born into the lace of some of those... imperian holes? When did you allow yourselves to rotten from inside like they are?'
The Leader of the Horde was breathing heavily. He was totally out of control.
'Must I lead the Steppe armies myself to show you what to do? If you allow this to happen... the enemy... had already won! Because imperians want exactly this - to see us divided, struggling with each other for power. Just like them!'
Xaoc sheathed his sword harshly, grabbed Oton's neck with his right hand and yelled in his face:
'I want Imperia burning! Tomorrow! All of it! From end to end!'
The flame of madness lit Butcher's eyes once again.
'Now we are speaking the same tongue, Chieftain!'

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