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Author Topic: Era 2, The Beginning  (Read 2759 times)
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« on: September 17, 2008, 14:21:41 PM »

The snow had stopped, the air was crystal clear and at the same time - hellishly freezing.
Every single step made the snow crunching loudly, and its sound could probably be heard several miles in distance.
"Which is not good at all. We are sitting ducks here!"
Krum did his best to look in all directions, but he was sure that he would never see the incoming arrow, which could pierce him any moment now.
The nomad reconnaissance unit was moving in a wide spread line, the Mongol had ordered each one of his men to look for the other two, standing right and left of him and to give a signal if anyone... disappears.
The snow was at least a foot deep and advancing through it was extremely difficult.
The complete silence can always make a man mad. The lack of a sound whatsoever could drive anybody insane, making him feel unnatural and not part of this world.
Not even birds, nor animals could be heard.
"The winter spared no one, for true."
Long ago the forwards saran posts had to met them.
But they had already advanced deep into the wood, without seeing anybody. Probably the whole forest was empty.
"Or full of imperian soldiers, waiting in ambush."
Krum had reached to the point in which he desired to face enemy soldiers and rather die, instead of listening to the dreadful silence and staring into the face of the unknown.
He used to open battles, to war in which you can see your enemy's face and know that it will be you or him... to go home victorious. He was a warrior, who looked his rival in the face, not... a sneaking snake. This place was totally alien to him and he started to hate the Imperian land the moment he stepped on it.
"We will meet no one..."
His thoughts were interrupted by muted buzz.
Far away, to his left somebody groaned.
'Arrow', a nomad yell could be heard.
'Take cover', Krum shouted and dashed for the close by bush. Several more groans sounded, till the nomads managed to cover themselves. Even then the buzzing did not stop.
'No body leave his position!'
'No visual contact, General', Krum recognized his lieutenant's voice, 'It's possible they climbed the trees!
'Silence', Krum yelled, 'You will compromise you position!'
And as if it was to confirm it, the lieutenant screamed wildly. Krum say him rising up and make a run for it, with an arrow showing up from his stomach. In the next moment ten more pierced his body, jolting him backwards. He looked like a hedgehog.
"It the name of the Mother, they will kill us all!"   
'Retreat', the Hero of the Wall ordered. For the first time in his life... he ordered a retreat. The thought stroke him like a hammer.
'Do not raise your heads!'
But it was already too late.
Like a nightmare came true, the snowdrifts exploded and imperian archers, dressed in white bear or wolf skins, sprang out, with bows ready to fire. There was no escape. The whole nomad group came under heavy cross-fire.

First wave results:

Imperian Fortresses destroyed: 1
Defenders vicrtories: 701

Nomads killed: 582913
Imperian soldiers killed: 14180

Aiarian queen's hand was not trembling while the blade was slowly moving through Oton's throat.
'And... how does it feel... the Chieftain to whom you swore your eternal loyalty and who you love more than your life... to violate you honor in front of everyone and give your rightful place to somebody else?'
Her calmed voice was like the surface of a lake when there is no wind at all.
'I love no one', Butcher had loosened himself to the point of bliss and had no intention to go into any quarrels, despite the bitter remark, which stroke him deeply. Besides, the Aiarian could easily cut his throat at the moment.
The former Empress dipped the blade into the bowl and moved to Oton's right side. She gently caught him by the neck and continued shaving his right cheeck.
'You can tell this nonsense somebody else. Though a former Empress, I know much about politics. I've been bred with them, for all I care.'
She left the dagger and took the linen towel to wipe his face.
The one handed stood up and rushed his head into the hot water filled bucket. He harshly rose, making animal sounds.
Aiarian despised his primal nature and lack of any manners and knew that he makes everything intentionally, to irritate her, but she kept the mask on her face.
She looked him straight in the eyes and asked:
'Question is... what will the Fearsome Butcher do about the matter?'
Oton put his shirt on and covered himself with an animal skin. He sat and pulled his hand up front.
Aiarian folded her lips in anger, but she went to the table, poured wine into his chalice and gave it to him. Then she sat on the other side of the table, facing him.   
'I'm ambitious enough not to go to open war against him, but I feel sick from the thought I could put a poison in his drink or cut his throat while sleeping.'
'The poison... is not a bad idea', the blond thoughtfully spoke.
'For your dolled up court protocol it might be', Oton replied irritatedly, 'But this is not Imperia.'
'Yes... your more of a slaughtering and pillaging business. Much more effective.'
The Butcher passed the remark through his ears. No body spoke for quite some time.
'Well', the bloody nomad sighed, 'If the imperians do not finish him off during his scout mission, I will think it through. I will probably challenge Krum to a mortal duel. But I think Xaoc will not allow it I will most likely execute me. Which is, in fact, a good news for you, right?'
The Aiarian did not reply.
A  clamor could be heard outside.
Krum was coming home.
Survived... but alone.

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