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Author Topic: CAPRICA vs ITALIAN CONFEDERATION (DEUS_MUNDI, SPQR, FLAME, The_Legion)  (Read 6657 times)
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« on: September 03, 2008, 18:22:09 PM »

Hi all,

As of yesterday, hostilities between the crusading members of CAPRICA and their opponents of DEUS_MUNDI (joined by their allies of SPQR, FLAME and The_Legion) have stopped for the time being. A shaky truce will need time to take hold in regards to the bad blood, high emotional stakes and the ethnic cleansings this first major conflict in R18 created.
The untested Burgmeisters of CAPRICA launched their vengeful crusade against the warrior-pillagers of DEUS_MUNDI two weeks ago by a daring, though unsucessful raid between the Leaders. The ensuing carnage brought great pains to all sides involved, yet also served to test new battle tactics and game strategies in this new environment (v4).
Following several attacks on the military units and civilina populations of Burgmeisters Daleo, Krankan and Rooster, decision was taken by the Board of Chairmen to take any measures and at whatever costs necessary to stop those raids. For a brighter and more commercially active future, WAR seemed the best solution.

It didn't disappoint us !!

The initial first battles brought great disasters to the armies of the Burgmeister. Sanguenero, the ill-omened Leader of DEUS_MUNDI, luckily targeting and successfuly destroying several armies, carelessly camping on the fields. His constant refusal to engage with the armies of his opposong Leader meant that he could roam free against the less numerically superior armies of the Burgmeisters.
Every time one army was destroyed, the signal was given for all the mercenaries accompanying them to start the pillaging of those green and bountiful countrysides. Hell was unleashed. Pillage, destruction, slavery and rapes were the fate of those defenseless populations.
But Hope wasn't lost. Neither were Fortitude or the fighting spirit of CAPRICANS ever dented a bit. They would prove legendary.  hooray

Martial laws were soon declared throughout the cities and villages.
"Tabula rasae" was our enemy strategy ... It would be ours too !!
They wouldn't fight us on our terms ? ... we would force them to !!

All ressources were gathered for the war effort, neighbouring countries were put into contribution. Willingly or forced to.
And systematic counter-striking to whoever dared to trespass our borders was the leitmotiv of our modus operandi.

It has been a dirty war. It has been a bloody war. It has been a hellish war.   rant
Few heroes, lots of villains, zounds of innoncent deaths.

The heroic defenders of castle Kobol against the army of Montano (FEAR). The valiant soldiers of Arcor betrayed by their logistics in front of Sanguenero's castle gates.
And the malign rumors that shook their ranks against the Panameans pillagers of Mauregno too ....
But in the end, CAPRICA stood firm in their resolution to make pay their opponents for every inch of soil that was stained by their blood. And with each passing days. And with each passing skirmish the tide of war gradually changed.
The costs of operating such large armies were gradually wearing down the economies of the ITALIAN CONFEDERATION, while determined CAPRICANS kept on churning militiamen and new taxpayers (oups, free-minded independent citizens  *pardon*), and increasing their military and economic base.

It what looked like a never-ending conflict, a meeting of fate occured between the bloodthirsty and vengeful Leaders. No words were minced, no necessary insults spared. Yet a truce was declared that would bind the main protagonists.
Despite late-coming armies who didn't receive the news in time, this "Trêve de Dieu" has been kept for the past 24hrs ...  *bear*

Pray the Almighty that such horrors do not happen on the weaks and defenseless, though His Kingdom shall always remain open to them

Now, round 2 ... Who's next ?  *evil*  *Tongue* *Tongue*  *guns*


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« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2008, 16:09:19 PM »

Hi all,
Now, round 2 ... Who's next ?  *evil*  *Tongue* *Tongue*  *guns*

VellEll were the next :
Enemy alliance     The war has started.     The war ended     Points won     Points lost     Total
VellEll    2008-10-11 19:02:02    2008-10-18 19:02:02    18051    2547    15504

who's next now? *wink*  *hihi*
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