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Author Topic: The First King of Nomads Invasions: "I will use the reward to take my wife out!"  (Read 9722 times)
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« on: August 25, 2008, 12:12:57 PM »

Name: Dave
Age: 38
Profession: Head of Analysis for a Marketing Agency
Location: London, UK
Family status: Married (And he obviously loves his wife very much)
Nick: iliacrush
NI, Era 1 final ranking: 1

He is one of Realm 25 Major Players. And he is in IO for quite some time. He has never played Blitz speed before. He loves his wife very much. And, as you will all see - she loves him back. Presenting the First Champion of Nomads Invasions, the man that surprised even... us... with his brilliant play. And, I had so much fun interviewing this guy.

Oton: Congatulations to the first King of the Nomads first!
iliacrush: Cheers!
Oton: How long have you been playing IO?
iliacrush: I think I started October/ November 2007.
Oton: Have you played Blitz speed before?
iliacrush:No. But the rules I think, other than the speed, were identical to R25 where i have most of my experience.
Oton: Do you realize that it is hard to believe that you have never played Blitz speed and still you have managed to achieve the most net worth points? At least 90% of the players here have played Blitz speed before and have pretty good rankings.
iliacrush: Well, it is just the same, only faster and you know when the attacks are coming 22 hours in advance so no problem.
Oton: How the hell did you jump 27 places up in 22 hours?!?!
iliacrush: I had a lot of resources saved up! As you must know lol... Also, carefully planned it so that I knew I could spend them all... part of it was launching two Fortresses 8s in the PWF provinces for about 18k net worth a piece. Most of the time I was looking at the leading net player and saying if i spend so much on military and so much on infrastructure then i can go 20-30k past their net. The rest - build large barracks to get all the military spent out i wanted.
Oton: You let yourself be burnt quite a few attacks...
iliacrush: Yes, not all planned!!!! The one I posted on the forum was a disaster. With 10% more troops I think all four provinces would have been saved instead all 4 were lost... Thought I threw it away at that point:
The two or three in the earlier day were intentionally left, but probably was a mistake, well at least one of them.
Oton: Were you confident you would win it?
iliacrush: No. I was confident I would get a higher net score than the current leaders but didn't know how much anyone had in storage... So no, wasn't sure. But probably confident of a Top 5 place. The problems was they could have 30k of whatever in storage too. Plus other players, who were also following a similar low net strategy, could have had big reserves and a few did!
Oton: Who were the players that could beat you?
iliacrush: Well, anyone potentially, but I often checked Beast, IIIIIIIII, Fight, kent also iulianb92, weirdly as he also started very well, then dropped down and I assumed he was playing a similar strategy... Skeletan I didn't see coming at all. Also checked NiCkSiZ out in the earlier part. In the last 5 days i started looking at the net just before and after to see what players had done... But it didn't really effect my strategy.
Oton: What were the mistakes you did NOT want to make during your play?
iliacrush: Not defending either of the first two pillages... Messed the possed one up... Could have used the market better.
Oton: Could a player win it by defending all the attacks?
iliacrush: No. There were a couple in there which everyone left... One pillage in particular. Also tended to concentrate on just some of the provinces during multi attacks... Actually the really scary thing was defending a Fortress siege when i had 30k net points worth of resources in... No room for error... Not even a top 10 place would have been possible if I messed one of those up... As a result I started to build very big depots and trying to minimise the risk/worry.
Oton: Which one of the Nomad Generals gave you most troubles? And why?
iliacrush: Lol, I can see i really paid much attention sorry... I thought the first attack with loads of trebs was interesting, as suddenly you had to ask yourself if you could afford not to defend.
Oton: Xaoc's one.
iliacrush: I suppose his second to last attack were very important to defend, well... loads of resources to defend and i needed them to stay up anyway as i needed to build Fortresses 8 in the attacked provinces.
Oton: So... I suppose you could say that the sieging generals were more trouble for you than the pillaging ones?
iliacrush: Mmmm, not really, with the pillages i had to defend to keep the resources rolling in... The Fortress siege ones could pick and choose what to take on... Xaoc's attack was interesting because it came with lots of free gold... And if my competitors were getting that gold could I afford not to? As mentioned before, I have been very calculating... I pretty accurately knew the long and short term cost implications of each and every attack, if won or passed on.
Oton: Some people say the attacks were too easy. Do you support that statement?
iliacrush: I don't know really, I intentionally went for a low net strategy to make them easy, so that I could keep the military maintainance cost down... They were what they were... Each had to be handled in the correct way... If they were more difficult then more people pass... Generally it seems that you tried to keep a balance... If on the last attack too many were won then on the next it seemed to be a bit easier. I suppose you could say that only one pillage was avoided by all top players, hoping to win, so perhaps a few more difficult pillages would have been better.
Oton: Which is the better tactic for winning the Nomads - Military or Economical strength?
iliacrush: Military strength follows economic strength... So, of course economic... Unless you mean in IO in generally, where low net points strategies seem to work very well, at least for very active players. I, personally, can't divorce military strength from economic strength... Mmm  without building medicine/granaries/Universities/Architecture, etc... No, of course not, you'd come last, lol! 
Oton: What would you like us to change in NI?
iliacrush: Cost of maintaining the army. Fix the market prices. Rules about medals. And, of course, change the 6-hours top 10 resource income rule, but only to encourage Beast/Tiger to play again (he smiles)
Oton: Do you consider yourself the best player in the whole IO?
iliacrush: How could a person know such a thing!!! There are potentially 4 better players back in my old ukko_wing clan (R25). IO is a very rich game... The Nomads - a lot of fun, but it only captures some of it. Plus - I'm still learning IO really.
Oton: Can you say that you have competed with the best of the best in NI?
iliacrush: Yes... Although I'm sure there are other top players who did go in this time. It was a pleasure to play alongside names from a far.
Oton: What will you spend your reward on?
iliacrush: Ah, as said i promised my wife if I won i'd use the money to take her out... In return she let me play longer... It was a good deal - win win situation. 
Oton: Will you defend your title? Or it's up to the wife? 
iliacrush: Lol, yes it might be... I love to play again to see if I can lead the early days like Beast did... But tell me - will baby sitting allowed? If so, if I can get georged and or theoc from R25 to help take some of the burden, then yes.
Oton: Well... since there is no relations between accounts and there is no 6 hours offline rule... I don't see why not. The only problem will be for me. I'll have to interview two guys then. It's a bit... confusing.
iliacrush:  Well, if we were to win, you'd find Georged very entertaining, so it would be worth it.
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