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Author Topic: Thirty first wave.  (Read 2729 times)
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« on: August 17, 2008, 16:34:19 PM »

'We have locked down all the temples and main buildings, Marshall', the Captain reported and saluted, expecting new orders.
'How many civillians did you manage to put in them', Oton asked, trying to calm down the mad horse. Despite its master, the animal could hear... and let the horrified screams of the trapped seniors, women and children to reach it. The horse was difficult to control.
'Nerlay half of them all, Commander. The other callf we gathered on the main agora. Some of them tried to escape or resist, but we slayed them, as you ordered.'
'Slaughter them all and leave ten to carry out my message to their... Empress. And let them watch what will happen.'
In fact, he was furious about something else.
Empress Isolde had not spared even one soldier to protect her cities, though she had to know Oton would come for revenge. She had left her main cities to the mercy of the Mother, pulling out her huge elite army behind her strongholds. Even he was not that cold blooded, despite his heart had long ago turned into a chunk of ice. Oton could not understand Isolde's decision. And what he could not understand... made him even more raged. The Butcher invaded into her four provinces in full force, cutting of the reatreat routes... only to find the terrified and frightened civil population, which did not even know he was coming.
"And now what? The marauder oton will turn all you subjects into martyrs? Is that the plan, Isolde? So be it! Everyone will know... how much you "love" the ones who feed you and your victorious army!"
'Burn them all', he yelled and turned his horse back to the war camp
The cut off arm was hurting.
Soon the unbearable screams began and they kept on two hours. The kept on until the whole city was burned to the ground.
Only one of the whole ten, who were spared, managed to reach to the main Fortress. The rest of them died on the way, and two of them - when the screams started.
On the crumpled parchment Isolde could read Oton's distorted handwriting, obviously it took him quite a while to write with his left hand or it was trembling in madness:

I will slaughter all your subjects. I will burn down all your cities and strongholds, even if it takes me a lifetime. All your loved ones will I send to hell. This will be so every time I come for you. Until you face me with your army. This massacre... will be on your conscience... Empress!

                                                                                                                        The Butcher

Thirty first wave results:

(On Monday)

The bloody nomad Marshall found his tent clean and neat.
And he was instantly irritated, because he could not find his chalice. He was thirtsy.
'I put it beside your bed', the Aiarian laughed. Though untied, she was sitting on the ground, beside the jolt and looking at him mockingly, 'Do you need some help with your armor, you nomad worm?'
Oton smiled, but he did it with his back on her. Everything was in place, even her poisonous tongue.
'Today I killed many of your countrymen', he started, gesturing at her to approach him. He noticed with delight the hatred flame her eyes were lit with. The Blond one rudely untied the stripes and harshly slapped his face. Then she returned at her place.
Oton rubbed his flamed cheek.
"A strong right swing!"
He sat on his bed and poured some wine into the chalice.
He drank eagerly, with his eyes on the woman who started to appear even in his dreams.
The former Queen was breathing heavily.
"What have you done to me? Why? Who are you? What gives the right to obssess me this way?"
But he only said:
'Tomorrow my Lord will attack all the imperian strongholds simultaneously. And the lands of Imperia... will become the lands of the Steppe.'
Aiariann Empress laughed contemptuously.
'Do you honestly think that you can conquer us all, Butcher? No one has ever done it before. And our families rule here over two millenia already. How many more... nomad dogs will have to become dust for you to realize that these lands shall never be yours?'
The Butcher grunted.
He loved her. But he would never admit it to her.
'You are free to go. No one will stop you. I have notified the guards and prepared you a horse and food fro three days. With luck you can reach one of the imperians fortresses in two days.'
Tha Aiarian laughed again. Out loud.
'And where will I go? To whom? You have destroyed everything I had ever loved. You killed the meaning of my existence.
No, Oton', this was the first time she was calling him by his name, 'I will stay here, with you. Because I despise you. And because... one day I will have my revenge. I will kill everyone that killed me. I swear!'
The queen was all red with rage.
Oton stood up and approached her. He looked at her stright into the eyes. Their faces could almost touch each other.
'Remember this... Empress. Far better than you had tried to destroy me', the Butcher lifted his shoulders, 'Where are they now? Gone. And I am still here. Am I not?'
After that he went out. Xaoc was waiting for him at the war council.
Imperia lands' days were numbered.

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