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Author Topic: Twenty seventh wave.  (Read 1393 times)
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« on: August 13, 2008, 13:25:43 PM »

"When you love somebody... you have to be prepared to die for him."
Marshall Robust was standing looking at the remains of his crushed army, who were carrying out the bodies of the fallen soldiers out of the battlefield.
As the agreement with the imperian captain said - both armies were to be able to take care of their casualties, not leaving them to the mercy of the wild beast and vultures.
"There is also another truth - we hurt the ones we love most. I love the Tree Children. Therefore - I send them to death."
A number swam out in his mind, which made him take a deep breath and look at the sky.
"Eighty three million."
It was a terrible number. Unreal. Brutal.
He looked again at the pile of bodies, which was growing constantly in the past hour.
"So many..."
He could not stand it any more. He dismounted his horse, rushed to the bushes close by and vomited loudly. And again. And again.
Outbursts lasted for several minutes only to be replaced by memories he did not wish at all.
The Tree Children were facing elite imperian guardians for the first time ever.
The Black Marshal had never seen before... such killing machines. The were not humans. They were monsters.
A thin, light, but extremely tough armor, made by triple hardened steel, was covering every inch of their bodies. The were all same in height. That was the first thing which impressed him. It was if the were... carefully selected.
The formed flawless rhomboids, five hundred each, moving absolutely synchronized, without having to have verbal orders whatsoever. Armed with short close range melee spears, with short blades, attached on their backs, they did not have shields. They did not need them.
The arrows were deflected by the armor as if they were misguided straws, carried by the wind. And the did not change their stance. Not a bit. Robust suspected the even the weakest of the guardians can run fast twenty miles with his armor on, enter a battle, slaughter one hundred foes, run twenty miles back and enter a battle again.
"They did not retreat, though we pushed them hard. Not a damned foot back!"
Those who fell, did not make a single sound. It was as they were already dead. But too few of them fell. Too few.
The imperian guardians destroyed two thirds of his army in ten minutes and kept advancing, despite the severe barrage nomad archers rained them with.
"We are no match for these soldiers. No match at all."
Marshall Robust had no idea how much time, efforts and resources were needed to create such an infantry. Nor he did want to know. He only knew that the Horde did not have the slightest idea what does it face.
And it was facing an extremely motivated and determined to fight to death enemy, who was keeping in deep secret... its most devastating weapon.
"I may not be able to win this war."
The thought, new and frightening, came out from nowhere in his mind and made him shiver.
'Put the bodies in fire', he ordered.
The smoke rose up high in the sky and could be seen from miles.
The stench was unbearable.

Twenty seventh wave results:

Successful pillages: 2151
Defenders' victories: 504

Nomads killed: 83199675
Imperian soldiers killed: 5211736

Civilians killed or taken into slavery: 29525214

Xaoc was standing on the tower, watch the sea.
Several minutes passed before the first ship showed on the horizon, followed by hundreds more. Soon the whole horizon was covered by the huge incoming fleet.
"At last!"
'How many siege machines do we have total', he asked Flinstoun, who was standing beside him.
'About fourty thousand strong, My Lord.'
The Chieftain of the Horde kept silent.
'Can you prepare them all to be on the move tomorrow?'
The wild nomad leader lost his words.
'Of course, Chieftain! I will personally lead them to crush the imperian scum once and for all! Thank you for the honor...'
'When were you going to tell me about your intentions to rule the whole land of Imperia', Xaoc interrupted him.
For a second time in the last minute Flinstoun lost his tongue.
'I do not understand, My Lord...'
'You will understand when I get back from the attack. I will lead the Mongols in the next attack. Imperians have their guardians and I called for my Mongols', Xaoc made a pause and lifted his hand. Two massive guards stood behind the Wild one, 'Tie him up to the tree in front of my tent and cut off the skin from his back. Rub it with salt and then saw it back. If he survives after I'm back, we will talk again.'
He looked at Flinstoun for the last time.
'You are too good commander to behead you in front of your soldiers for treason. The pain will teach you some humility and maybe... it will remind you where your loyalty lies. At least I hope so. Take him away.'
The ships started to dock one by one and thousands of Mongols stepped on the imperian ground for the first time in their lives - the same Mongols whom Xaoc had taken over the Wall... in two nights.
His army.
And the same Mongols... with whom he would destroy the free rulers. Tomorrow.
"The wolf's neck is fat because he does his job by himself", the Leader of the Horde thought as he was heading down the port.
It was about time... he does the job by himself.

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