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Author Topic: Twenty third wave.  (Read 1217 times)
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« on: August 09, 2008, 12:01:50 PM »

One hundred and fourty thousand black skinned soldiers advanced towards the main imperian city, led by Robust, called by allies and enemies Black Marshall.
They were met by a lesser, but nevertheless - equal in strength heavy imperian army.
"Many will fall. Both sides", the Marshall thought to himself and his forehead lined. He had not come in this Spirit forsaken place to win pyrrhic victories. But there was no other way.
"They use me as a smoke meat. And the worst thing is that I know that and I have done nothing."
He looked again at the straight and glimmering imperian heavy infantry battle lines.
A horseman went out in front of them.
A giant, carrying no armor. Dressed in a white tunic and dark trousers. Armed only with a short blade, grabbing a white flag.
"They will surrender?"
Robust lifted his arm and ordered:
'Remain your positions!'
He rided his horse, intercepting the commer right in the center of the battlefield.
'I am Emperor Ahilix. You are not welcome here, Marshall', the massive rider started, 'My army is strong enough to send all your black monsters into hell. But...' he made a pause here and raised both his hands to calm the raging Robust in time, 'I propose we both fight till death. Settle the dispute old way. If you win - the city is yours. If I win - you order your black-skinned army home quietly and in peace. This is my offer. You do not have much time to consider it. Make your decision now.'
The Black Marshall kept silent. Many years had passed since somebody had challenged him. The last one was... when he earned his crown over the Tree children. Pride filled his very being. A worthy and honorable foe was standing before him.
"At last!"
And this way he could save many of his soldiers' lifes from the incoming thoughtless massacre.
'I except, Emperor', he said and slightly bowed, 'Be here in half an hour. And may the better and the worthier win!'
The squad commanders from both sides had formed a circle, lifted their pikes up, just like the old rules. The silence was complete.
Both rivals, bare chested, holding their short swords, assumed classical positions against each other, right shoulder forward.
'Show me no mercy, Marshall, for you shall receive none from me', Ahilix stated.
'I have not come here to be defeated, Emperor', Robust replied and charged him with a powerful swing.
The Imperian Sovereign met the attack and sparks, coming from the blades' clash, flew and could be seen, despite the bright sun.
More than two hundred thousand soldiers, mortal enemies, were watching the titanic duel of their leaders.
And for the first time since the beginning of this terrible war... they saw in the faces of their masters... men of honor.
Two hours later... they both retired to their camps... covered in blood from oozing wounds, barely keeping on their feet.
There was no winner.
Marshall Robust did not touch the imperian city. But he saved the lifes of many of his troops and was met by them the way the ancient heroes had been met long time ago.
And the news of Emperor Ahilix's duel spread among the lands of Imperia as fast as a forest fire. And became a legend.

Twenty third wave results

(On Monday)

The whole nomad camp was buzzing like a bee hive, discussing how the Black Marshall duelled the mighty Emperor Ahilix. The sons of the Steppe, though considered dreadful and merciless invaders, respected and loved honor. And they needed their heroes.
Even the Chieftains of the Horde were curious to hear the story - even if it was pretty exaggerated and mythologized.
A giant fire was lit in the center of the camp, the Two First were drinking wine with their Generals, listening to the black-skinned leader's story. And all around them, sat right on the very ground, thousands of nomads talk to each other, commenting Robust's heroic deeds, wishing each one of them to achieve something similar, which will make him immortal. So... when his hair turn gray... to tell his grand children... that he fought along side with the Black Marshal, The Butcher, The Wild Flinstoun, The Fearsome Amazon... and the rest of the heroes of their time.
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